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Father Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Father Dreams are Sometimes Symbolic, Sometimes Not

When you dream about your father, it is often not symbolic of something else, but merely a representation of your feelings about him, memories of him or the relationship you have with him. However, such dreams may bring to light issues you have with your father, or emotions concerning him that are too difficult to face in real life.

At times, father dreams may be symbolic of authority and possibly your own problems with authority. It may be an indicator that you need less protection and that you need to stand on your own two feet. If you dream of hitting your father, it means that you have an intense need to be closer to your father, because you feel he is ignoring you. If you dream of hitting him with something rubber, it means that things bounce off him and issues concerning you do not impact him at all. Dreams of your father may also symbolize happiness, recognition, guidance, virtue, control, patriarchal ideas, traditional morals, your spirit and social awareness.

When a man dreams of his father, it is often symbolic of his conscience. The dream father may be a reminder of your basic moral code that was imparted to you as a child. When a woman dreams of her father it is typically more symbolic of affection.

If you dream of your father’s death, it is a premonition that you need to progress cautiously in your business dealings.

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