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Father-in-Law Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Father-in-Law Dreams are Uncomplicated

When you dream of your father-in-law, the interpretation is similar to the interpretation of dreams of other family members. It is often simply your mind’s way of either reliving some real-life situation with him or bringing to your attention your unacknowledged feelings about the person. It may be a situation where you are holding onto negative emotions like anger, resentment or even hatred, and may not even be aware of it. Such repressed feelings may be affecting other parts of your life; therefore your psyche may use your dreams to make you conscious of these intense emotions.

Those who play large parts in our lives, or for whom we have a lot of affection, may present themselves often in our dreams. This is just a reflection of their importance to us. If you dream of your deceased father-in-law, it may be simply that you miss his actual presence in your life.

You may also have pleasant dreams of your father-in-law if your relationship with him is harmonious and fun. If you have nice dreams of your father-in-law or other family members, it is symbolic of enjoying joyous times and special occasions with those who are closest to you.


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  • This is not a comment more of a question
    I was asleep but heard my father in laws voice say " Hello son are you there ? then I heard a males voice say " He passed away 5 minutes ago "
    Anyone know what this is ? I feel like my husbands father was trying to get a hold of my husband

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