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Fear Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Dreams of Fear Full of Meaning

When we dream of any emotion, fear included, it is quite often a reflection of something that is happening in our real life. There may be something in your life that is dangerous or even something that you have an irrational fear of. You may also be anxious about something that is ongoing in your life. A fear dream can even be a message telling you what exactly you are fearful of, because there are times when we feel afraid but are not sure why or of what. Dreams can reveal those reasons to us. Often what is causing our fear may be symbolized in the dream by something else. For example, a dream that you are afraid of an animal, when in real life you are not, may be symbolic of something sexual or anger-inducing that you have repressed, which causes you to be afraid in the dream.

The specifics of the fear dream can also be very telling. Fear of loss of someone we love is often a direct reflection of a real life fear. Fear of castration, which is a common theme in male’s dreams, can be represented by any body part being severed. Fear of the unknown commonly presents itself in our dreams through symbolism of something dark, deep or familial. Fear of falling is another common dream and often is symbolic of being afraid of letting go of the past and moving forward with something new.

There are many other things that fear can symbolize in a dream. Some of these themes include: courage, self-doubts, feelings of incompetence, love that you have not expressed and lack of control over yourself or a certain situation. Fear dreams may also be indicative of anger, which needs to be dealt with.

For those who believe that dreams predict the future, a fear dream is indicative of your achievements being less successful than you had expected.


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  • I dreamt of an old lover who i still love. He was holding my hand and following around. However, when we were about to kiss I woke up. Very upsetting as i was friends with him on FB and he recently defriended me for no reason.

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    • I first dreamt of cockroaches (im terrified of them), and then I dreamt of this person parked at the side of my house so I ran to my neighbour for help and the and then the person parked at the side of my house beheaded him I was so terrified and the his head just attached back on and he was fine -__- …….
      so now im like really confused :s

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  • What do you mean by "less successful than i expected?"

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