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Fire Fighter Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Fire Fighter Dreams are Blazing

When you dream of a fire fighter, it may be because you have a desire to be rescued or to rescue others. There may be issues in your life that you feel overwhelmed with and dreams of a fire fighter rescuing you may show you that you need help with the situation at hand. It may be something that you can not deal with unaided. If you are witness to someone in your life who is enduring hard times, a fire fighter dream may be indicative of your urge to rescue this person. The dream’s message may also be that it is okay to rescue others, as long as we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from harm. Do only what is safe for you.

Dreams of fire fighters are also symbolic of the masculine protective side of our selves. We may be vulnerable to some force and in need of strengthening our masculine protective side in order to deal with it. There may be some situation in our life that needs that protective side to come to the forefront and handle it too. Such dreams may help to identify when you need that side of yourself to emerge.

Dreams of fire fighters are often heavy in symbolism and may indicate that you are going through a period of purification and cleansing of your higher self. A journey of self-discovery and self-improvement may prompt fire fighter dreams.

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