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Fisherman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Catch a Big One with a Fisherman Dream

When you dream of fishermen, it is symbolic that you are trying to catch something in your real life. It may be that you are trying to “catch” a significant other or a romantic interest. You may be trying to get a new job, a great deal, a new home, a rare find or something else you deeply desire. You may also be trying to catch the meaning of certain things in your life, which may be some rather deep questions or some shallow ones.

Fisherman dreams may be related to Christianity and the symbols of Christ, especially if you are a believer or even someone who was raised in the faith. If you dream that a fisherman catches you in his net, it is a symbol of your eternal salvation.

Other symbols associated with fishermen include fertility, seeking nourishment, solving a mystery, inner searching, greed, libido, unconscious urges and facing difficult repressed emotions within yourself. When you dream of a fisherman who is ice fishing, it is said to be symbolic of forcing through emotional barriers to work on facing difficult emotions.

For those who believe in the fortune telling properties of dreams, a dream of a fisherman can bring you good luck, particularly if you see the fish that the man is attempting to catch.

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