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Forty Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Lots of Time for Dreams of Forty

To dream of the number forty tells you that you have a lot of time to get things done. Whatever your goals, time is “on your side”.

When Noah sailed on his famous Ark, he was adrift for 40 days and 40 nights; certainly plenty of time to reflect and get ready for a new kind of life after the flood.

To dream of the number forty can indicate that you are entering (or are in the midst of) a time of cleansing, preparation or even growth. If you are on the precipice of something new – a new job; a move to another city, state or even country; a new relationship; a new family member; or even a new purchase like a home or a car – dreaming of the number forty means that you are in good shape to deal with the changes coming in your life.

As is so often recommended when trying to understand the meaning behind different numbers, the number forty can also be interpreted as the number 4. (While some two-digit numbers have important meanings all on their own, it is a usual practice to add the numerals together to get a smaller, one-digit number, and to interpret it that way.)

The number four is quite interesting as well. It stands for stability, physical limitations, hard labor and earthly things. This would be consistent with the time provided by dreaming of the number forty. While it may be hard work, the time of cleansing, preparation or growth you are entering will get done.


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  • My name is Laurence Forty.I do consider my very patient.take my time to get certain things done.

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