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Friend Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Friend Dreams are Always Welcome

When you dream of a friend it is usually indicative of things that are going on in your real life in regards to this person. It may be caused by worries, anxieties, repressed emotions or even great love. Dreaming of a friend can be to help you see things in the relationship that you have previously not noticed. They may help bring buried feelings to the surface. They may also represent consolation and joy. Friend dreams may tell you that there is some part of yourself that is ready and needing to be reintegrated into your personality.

Friend dreams may also be indicative of other things. They tell of the importance of your relationships to your own self-discovery. If you see a friend from your childhood in a dream, it is an indication that you are regressing to a simpler time. You may be in need of getting away from the reality of adult life. Childhood friends may also show up in dreams to remind you of things you learned with that friend. It can also be a case of your dream telling you that you are acting like a child and you need to grow up. If you dream that a friend is dying, it means that some quality that the friend has is dying within you.

For those who look to dreams for information about what the future holds, friend dreams can be good or bad. If your friends are happy and having fun in your dream, it means that you will get good news about someone close to you. If your friends prove their loyalty to you in the dream, it means that your projects you are working on at the moment will be successful. If your friends are unhappy in your dream, it is an omen that you will get bad news that is health related.


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  • Fiancee had a dream that I chased her with a matchete in a dream. A woman I love so much. Why? I want to know what that means, kindly assist. Thanks

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