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Gazelles Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Gazelles in dreams represent beauty and grace, joy, and genuine affection. If you dream of a gazelle, you are actually dreaming about the Soul. The dream gazelle also suggests that you are taking life too seriously and should “lighten up” about people and situations.

In some culture, gazelles are symbols of virgins, so if a man dreams of a gazelle, it may indicate that he will have a romantic attachment to a virgin woman. If a man dreams that he is hunting a gazelle, it means that he is soon to experience extreme good fortune. On the other hand, if a man dreams of seeing a dead gazelle in his house, it indicates that he will feel sorrow for his wife.

If the dream gazelle walks across your path from the left to the right, it symbolizes some kind of trouble that is about to befall you. Gazelles in dreams sometimes mean that you are looking to settle some old conflicts with someone from your past.

Often, a dreamer will see a gazelle in a dream when he or she needs a boost of energy to enhance personal power and achieve a goal.

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