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Geese Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream goose is a symbol of fertility, success, wealth, good luck, domesticity, and success in lifelong partnership. It also means that the dreamer is flexible in how he or she handles emotional situations.

Geese in dreams are sometimes believed to represent a message from the dreamer’s unconscious about being vigilant and on guard in some area for life or that the dreamer is perhaps acting silly “like a goose.”

Geese in the natural world are migratory and tend to “imprint” on a leader or peer group. As such, they may represent a desire to travel or that the dreamer is concerned about fitting in with a group.

A dream of geese is often considered a good omen, foretelling of success and wealth. Swimming geese in dreams mean a gradually increasing fortune. However, to dream of quacking/honking geese indicates a possible death in the family. And to dream of a dead

For individuals who have a romantic partner, a dream of geese indicates that this partner is worthy of their love. Picking up geese in a dream means that dreamer will come into an inheritance, while eating a meal that includes geese in a dream suggests that there is some argument about the ownership of the dreamer’s possessions.

Seeing geese in grassy locations in a dream is a sure sign of success.

11 thoughts on “Geese Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. Wow… I woke up from my dream and got online to look up cost to go to ireland before I looked up this meaning of seeing geese.

    “Geese in the natural world are migratory and tend to “imprint” on a leader or peer group. As such, they may represent a desire to travel…”

    Eerily accurate.

  2. I also just woke up from a wacky dream with a geese flying over my bed as I sleep in my dream. But this is because I saw a geese in a window display today. I think it was the Ralph Lauren store. Saw it totally forgot about it. N it came back in my dream. I was looking for an interpretation but this is silly and the above comment is absurd.

  3. I had a dream my partner and I were going to get married and he was late.. I look out the window for him and saw white goose fly over the house I was in. I was on the second floor.at the time. My mom even said don’t worry you’ve been together 5 years and he loves me. I think the goose symbolized prosperity and purity.. I know we will be successful together

  4. Even more eerie is also the part about the partner being worthy of your love and your name is Derek…and that’s my fiance’s Name…

  5. I dreamt that my partner was jeering at a goose and kind of batting it about the beak in a playful manner. The goose then started trying to bite his hand. The next thing we were on a train and he was arguing with it on a political debate. Obviously the goose wasn’t replying. He was then approached by passengers for animal cruelty and eventually escorted off the train by security. They let him back on the train and the train was then able to leave the station.

    If anyone can interpret this then please let me know

  6. I dreamed a goose was trying to bite me so I picked it up by the scruff of the neck and put it in my shorts and it’s head got stuck in my anus and I tried to pull it out but it was stuck….yes very strange I know but can some expert explain what the hell thats supposed to mean please.🤷‍♂️

  7. I had a strange dream that I saw a gigantic geese in my brothers room. My twin sister was with me(who lives 700 miles away) & she is terrified of geese so she screamed & duced as soon as she saw it. I went into my brothers room to see what was up & it sat up, stretching it’s full wingspan(about 8 to 10 feet easily) & came at me with its beak towards my throat. I stopped it dead in its track & the next thing I know I was outside on my front lawn wrestling it. I was ontop & at this point it wasn’t fighting back. I remember pressing down on its respiratory system & it didnt make a noise, but I could tell it was in pain. Then I felt really bad for hurting it & I told my sisters to get far away cause I was gonna let it go free. My twin was unsure of this & ran inside & I apologized to the bird before I stood up to let it go. It didnt f lb y away when I sat up, tho. It just layed on the lawn looking at me & I walked up to my fiances car, who had just pulled in the driveway & he was asking what had happened. I looked over at it & it was still keeping its eye on me & then I mentioned getting a big cage so it could be my pet.

  8. I had a dream where I was at a renaissance looking place but it felt more like a video game. After that there was a monkey sitting in a stone wall and I remember one of my friends had a narrating voice and pointed it out.(we talked about the same monkey in real life a couple days before it had a big moustashe) after the monkey was made present it opened its mouth and 2 geese came from my left of my sight with there wings expanded hissing at me. I had an old push broom and started to push the geese away with the end of it. I soon felt overwhelmed and ran away only to find two more geese behind me. after writeing this I rember the other 2 geese where on my right and they were on raised ground. I remember slightly prodding at them and backing away and they calmed down. those 2 seemed to be defending themselves other than the first two who were attacking me. I also rembember walking around a grocery store after this

  9. I was fighting a goose in my dream havent found nothen that has really helped yet but still lookin. – I wasnt hitting the goose he was attached to my hand an i was slinging him around an choking him


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