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Giraffe Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If a giraffe makes an appearance in your dream, it is a sign that you should decide whether or not it is time for you to take some chances; in other words, should you “stick your neck out?” The dream giraffe is a reminder that you must make an effort and extend yourself beyond your comfort zone if you want to gain the greatest rewards.

Seeing a giraffe in a dream may also indicate that you have to consider the “big picture” and take a broader look at what is going on in your life and where you are headed in the future.

The giraffe is a symbol of the ability to see things differently than others in your life. It suggests that you are able to see both sides of an issue and can reach a decision on that basis beyond what other people may be able to see or do.

In some cases, the giraffe, by feature of its very long neck, represents a warning to you about minding your own business. The dream giraffe may suggest that sometimes it’s better not to reach out to others and become involved in their problems unless you are specifically invited to do so.

The giraffe can also mean that you are “stretching the truth” in regard to something as well.

16 thoughts on “Giraffe Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. Very well interpreted. This is the first time in my live that I had a dream with a giraffe and the given interpretation got straight to my personal current situation.

    There is more to it in my dream, as the giraffe was walking in the ocean keeping its head out, but I have grasped the meaning that you have given and I just hope, that I can see what I should do in my future.

    Sincerely, thank you.

  2. My wife just lied to me about leaving work early and drinking on her drive home. She fell asleep without admitting it (I don’t need her to) and she mentioned a “sad giraffe” whilst dreaming. I’m assuming it’s because she stuck her neck out and lied, took irresponsible risks with her life and others by drinking and driving.
    She stretched the truth and that’s the giraffe I have to apply to this. And I have to call the police and that is a hard thing to do now.

  3. Yes – i agree the best interpretation of a dream! As I am in a long term relationship and live alone! I had 2 marriages in the past only to be cautious. It was like I did want to give it ago years ago but seen the Hyde in him after a drink! This might cramp my new found freedom! I love my single lifestyle but he is bored with his! Red flag here!

  4. There was a dead giraffe in front of me. There was also an unknown person there who lifted the giraffes head and let it fall , showing me it was dead. Then I woke up. That day I saw afew giraffes on T.v and even more weird, my son got a toy giraffe in his happy meal frm Mcdonalds. Very odd to me that I had that dream , then they appeared to me throughout the day. Can anyone please tell me what this means?

  5. I was jogging by the beach and my giraffe was getting pounded against the rocks struggling to get up. So I had a choice of attempting to run underneath it or turning around and going the other way. I didn’t want that giraffe to fall on top of me!

  6. What dose being chased down and kidnapped by a group giraffe with 6 packs and then being tucked into bed by them mean? or having dreams about animals with 6 packs mean in general? Please help my sister has been having these dreams for a year in total.

  7. My dream: Walking in a park and found a hurt giraffe with cuts on him; I tended to his wounds and he got up and there was a Pick Up Truck for me to take him home. It was SO REAL. What does it mean?

  8. What does it mean if I dreamt I removed a hook around a giraffe’s neck n released it? It then smiled at me n said thank you to me? So bizarre. Can anyone help?

  9. I dreamt Of a baby giraffe sitting in a hanging pot plant. I wanted to pat him cos he was so cute. My unidentified friend beside me tried to Pat him but couldn’t coz there appeared to be spider cob webs protecting the baby giraffe. I reached out and he let Me pat him. Suddenly I was hoping a bag full of spiders and cob Webs, I walked away with the bag into what seemed like a children’s school camp. I felt happy and popular all the kids loved me.


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