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Gold Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Dreams of Gold are Rich

When you dream of gold, it can be symbolic of a variety of things. Typically it symbolizes things of value, including things about yourself that are valuable.  Such a dream may mean that you have discovered something valuable within yourself that was previously hidden.  If you dream that you are burying gold, it means that you are attempting to hide some aspect of yourself from others.

Some of the symbolism related to seeing gold in your dreams may include: ultimate value, treasure, splendor, high honors, the sun and that money will soon be yours. Gold may also be a symbol of royalty, something precious, your own value or the value of another person. Seeing gold in your dreams may be a sign that you need to reevaluate a situation or relationship and its value. It may also be symbolic of a reward that is coming your way.

Dreams can foretell what is to come. If you dream of practical things like bowls, utensils and containers being made of gold, it means that financial stability and gain will soon be yours. If you dream of gold jewelry or gold bars, it foretells bad luck. It indicates that you manage your money poorly and will soon be destitute unless you change your ways.


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  • In my dream I was visiting the grave of my late brother and on my way which is the way that I know very well the was a ditch as if someone was digging and in that whole there were gold pieces. I was with my other brother and a someone that I grew up with but i can declare him as a family friend who is 2 years older than me. the grave of my brother is in the farm that we we leaving in about 30 years ago and it is now in the hands of someone that is unknown to us. I even saw the cell numbers of the owner of the and at the back i could hear people talking saying he is not approachable. I must embrace myself for a serious clash with that owner. I decided to go on to try and get the permission to visit the grave site and the owner of the farm was so cool and he even provide us with his 4x4 van to go to the grave site. On our arrival the grave was not exactly where it was before. In the grave site there were always two rows of graves (3 at the back and 2 in front) and my brothers grave was the on in the middle in the back raw but in my dream it was the 1st in the front raw. I asked the owner what happened to the grave site site and he said he knew that I was coming and he decided to switch the graves around and if i can identify my brothers grave he will give the gold. I managed to identify the grave and he gave gold- the size of an ingot and he further took me to a certain area and he said I must take the gold that was there because he will not use anymore. As I wake up I was and crying still thanking the owner of the farm. the name of the farm owner is Heynes. I have never met this owner before and the people who were with me were clapping hands

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  • In my dreams I was walking in the dark area and I don't know what is the place I walk in until I found out that there are lots of shining gold all over the place where I stand it looks like a gold bars...

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