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Gorilla Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Because there are two sides to the gorilla as a symbol, the appearance of a gorilla in your dream may have multiple meanings. For example, the dream gorilla is sometimes believed to represent a dangerous and primitive aspect of yourself. Conversely, a dream gorilla may also represent a gentle aspect that indicates happy events and friendships.

On the negative side, the dream gorilla may be telling you that you are being overly aggressive in your behavior. It may symbolize your primitive impulses and/or repressed sexual energy. A gorilla dream suggests that you will experience a painful misunderstanding with someone in your life. If someone you know is seriously ill when you have a gorilla dream, it usually symbolizes the fears you have for them.

On the positive side, a gorilla dream represents a new friendship or a reaffirmation of an old friendship. An angry gorilla suggests a minor misunderstanding with one of your friends. The dream gorilla sometimes indicates a regaining of strength after the delay of success.

For a woman, the dream gorilla represents her father or the aspect of him that she can’t come to terms with. It may also represent sexual feelings that she hasn’t accepted.

The dream gorilla can also indicate a confrontation with other feelings and drives within yourself that you can learn from if you accept them and integrate them with your conscious personality.

3 thoughts on “Gorilla Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. I had a dream with a gorilla one was dye in and the mother was crying she was inconsolable. I was with the dying gorilla Petting him keeping him company until he was ready to pass.
    What does that mean?

  2. I dream a gorilla was at my patio door where my bed room is located, trying to get in but was not able to open the door.


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