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Gray Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Gray are Drab

Because color is the first thing we forget after waking from a dream, if we remember colors from the dream, it is inevitable that the color is very important to the meaning. Therefore, gray and its inevitably gloomy tones should be carefully interpreted when remembered as an important part of your dream.

If gray is the predominant color featured in your dream, it is probably because you are going through a period of transition. If the gray is a clear tone, it may be a sign of peace. If the gray is somewhat drab and dull, it is a sign of fear. The other things associated with the color gray in terms of dream symbolism include depression, fright, fear, confusion, poor health and being ambivalent towards something. It may also be that you or someone else in the dream is distant emotionally or detached from the situation at hand.

Gray may also be a symbol of death or old age. It can also be symbolic of the unconscious mind. It may be indicative of having lost your way or being unclear about which is the best direction in which to go. Gray is often interpreted as the mind being foggy, which may be accurate. By becoming aware of it, you can work on clearing your mind in order to think straight.

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