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Green Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Green Dreams are Ripe with Color

Having a dream in which shades of green predominate can carry a variety of meanings. Green is tied to being environmentally friendly and taking actions to care for the world around us. A green dream can be a reflection of how concerned we are with environmental issues or it may be a wake-up call to remind you that you should become more aware and proactive. It is also symbolic of fertility and nature. This may not only be related to procreation, but may be because you are growing personally.

Green symbolizes growth, serenity, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, good health and pleasure from the simple things in life. A positive change is coming.  It is also symbolic of projects you are involved in which you are very excited about. The color green means go ahead to many. It can also be symbolic of things being corrupted or rotten.

Dreams of dark green are more malicious. That shade of green is said to represent deceit, problems sharing, cheating and materialism. You are in need of balance between your feminine and masculine sides.

Traditionally, it was seen as a symbol of immortality. It also has traditionally been viewed as the color of money as well as the color of jealousy.

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