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Guilt Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Dreams of Guilt Tell Much

Typically when you dream of emotions, they are not symbolic of something, but rather are reflective of something that is going on in your life. That means that if you dream about guilt, it is because you are feeling guilt. You may be having a hard time dealing with your own personal successes and failures. You may feel that you do not deserve the achievements that are yours. You may also feel like you have disappointed someone, causing the dreams of guilt. Alternatively, you may have broken a pact or agreement causing the feelings of guilt to emerge in dreams.

Repressed feelings may be symbolized by guilt in dreams, especially when such feelings are negative and self-directed. Other symbols of guilt in dreams may include tribulations, judgement, treason, readiness to be forgiven and to forgive and endurance. Your subconscious feeds you dreams about guilt to help you realize that you are on the wrong path if you want happiness in your life. It will also help to show you that in some cases guilt is totally wrong. Being conflicted by two opposing forces may manifest itself in dreams of guilt. Such dreams are often your mind making you aware of feelings you didn’t even know you had and helping you deal with difficult situations.


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  • thank you, it made me come to think that I have to examine my own conscience, though I know I haven't cheated my husband in reality but there are some things I feel guilty of because of lacking the capacity to help my husband shoulder our financial problems,,and because of that he needs to find a work somewhere far from us..that's why I have the guilt feeling of being incapable, of being unworthy..wish I could do better to help my husband to be with me, and to be with our children..

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