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Helix Weighted Blanket Review

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Helix is a U.S. based mattress and bedding manufacturer founded in 2014. While their focus has been on personalized mattresses, they have expanded their line to include products such as a weighted blanket. In this review of the Helix weighted blanket, we will provide tips on choosing the right Helix weighted blanket and provide details on our experience while testing out the blanket. 

Why use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are a useful tool for anxiety and stress reduction and improving sleep quality. The weight on your body from the blanket is a form of Deep Touch Pressure which releases both serotonin and melatonin in the brain. The feeling of a weighted blanket on your body is commonly described as a hug. Anyone who struggles with insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome may find benefits from using a weighted blanket.

The blankets can be used awake while sitting on the couch or in a chair or draped over the body while sleeping for the entire night. It may take a weighted blanket user 3-7 nights to get used to the extra weight on their body. Weighted blankets are an easy and reasonably priced option to provide some health benefits with few adverse side effects as long as you choose a correctly sized blanket. Read our guide to weight blankets and check out the guide below will outline the right weight blanket for your body. 

How to choose a Helix weighted blanket?

Helix keeps the choices simple when picking out a weighted blanket. The blanket is available in one color/style that is a gray microfleece and ivory sheared microfiber. The only decision to make when shopping for a Helix weighted blanket is the weight. The industry-standard method for choosing a weighted blanket is picking one that is 10% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, the ideal weight for a blanket is 15 pounds. It is fine to go with a few pounds heavier or lighter if you are in-between optimal blanket weights. However, keep in mind this blanket is made for adults and not intended for children under 12 years old or anyone weighing less than 100 pounds. 

Weight / Dimensions

The Helix blanket is currently available in the three different weight options. The dimensions are almost the same because weighted blankets and designed to be individually sized rather than based on the dimensions of a mattress. For reference, a full-size mattress measures 54″ X 75″ so the Helix weighted blankets are a few inches shorter and narrower. 

Blanket WeightBody WeightDimensionsPrice
10 lbs<125 lbs72” x 48” Check Price
15 lbs125-200 lbs72” x 48” Check Price
20 lbs 200 lbs 74” x 48” Check Price

The Helix weighted blanket is made in China and features a 7″ x 7″ grid filled with fine grade glass beads and polyester batting. 


Colors: Gray fleece and ivory sheared microfiber

Cover Side 1: Fleece

Cover Side 2: Sheared microfiber

Inner Blanket: 100% cotton cover

Inner Blanket Fill: Fine grade glass beads and polyester batting

Our Experience

The Helix weighted blanket arrived folded in a zippered cotton storage or travel bag. The weighted blanket had a pre-attached duvet cover that featured two distinct sides, fleece and sheared microfleece. The blanket was visually attractive and looked very comforting and inviting. We used the blanket while relaxing on the couch, watching TV, and reading as well as overnight while sleeping. The Helix quickly became one of our favorites because of the high-quality soft fleece material. 


The fleece side was warm, fuzzy, and cozy. It looked like a faux sheepskin, a fabric you might see inside a pair of slippers or a bomber jacket. Fortunately, that cozy fabric was on the entire side of the blanket, which gives you plenty of the material to cuddle with. It felt more breathable than the microfleece size because there is a lot of texture that seemed to allow a bit of airflow under the blanket. 

Sheared Microfiber

The microfiber side feels smooth and velvety. The fibers are dense and small with very little visible texture, which is an indicator of higher quality fabric. However, this tight fabric results in a low breathability fabric. The microfiber side is best when facing away from the skin while sleeping to avoid overheating. It's nice to touch and feel, but it can get hot when used for extended periods. 


Overall, the Helix weighted blanket is well constructed and made from high-quality materials. The duvet cover zipper isn't hidden or placed behind the fabric, but it is the same color as the grey top and isn't easily visible. With ten locations to connect the duvet and the blanket, the weighted blanket stayed nice and snug with the duvet cover. The average weighted blanket has 6-8 connection points, and having a few extra straps on the Helix made a huge difference. After using the blanket during the day and night, we never felt like there was any disconnect between the two pieces. 

Each of the squares that contain the glass pellets measured 7″ x 7″. Generally, we prefer blankets with pocket squares that measure under 5″. The larger the pocket, the more beads are in each pocket, which results in more shifting of beads. The stitching looks and feels secure with little chance of any leaking beads. 


One thing we noticed at night was the blanket is louder than many others we have tried. The cotton fabric of the weighted blanket inside the duvet made crinkling sounds. Anytime the blanket is moved, it makes a crinkly sound, and it makes the glass beads louder. You usually can't hear glass beads, but when a bunch of the beads move it crinkles the fabric, which creates a louder than average sound. I never woke up my wife while using the blanket but I definitely noticed the noise while moving around

The cover for the blanket is so nice and comfortable, changing the fabric for the weighted blanket itself would be a massive improvement in making an excellent blanket. While Helix doesn't list the type of cotton fabric used for the weighted blanket, it has similar characteristics to Percale sheets. It is crisp, cool, and loud. While this may be louder than what some are used to, the perk is that it is breathable, which may be why we didn't feel like we overheated while using this blanket even though the cover is 100% polyester. 


As a hot sleeper, I was initially concerned about the breathability of this blanket with so much polyester. After using it for multiple nights, I was pleasantly surprised at the temperature regulation. I think the fleece side allowed the blanket breath a bit. It's also possible the cotton material used in the weighted blanket played a role in keeping it cool. With that said, this is a blanket, and it will get warm. If you find the blanket is too hot at night, consider removing the cover and using just the weighted blanket. Hopefully, in the future, Helix will offer additional duvet covers with materials other than polyester. 

Shipping / Returns

Testing out the Helix weighted blanket has little risk, and it has a low hassle return policy.

  • Free shipping in the United States
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 1-year limited warranty


The duvet cover is machine washable in cool water on the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat. The inner blanket should be spot cleaned and air-dried. Since the blanket features ten ties, it will take some time to untie and retie all the connections between the blanket and the duvet, but we feel it is worth it to have all the extra connections. 


To give the most well-rounded reviews of each weighted blanket, we look at what other customers report for a given product. Unfortunately, there are no consumer reviews of the Helix weighted blanket to compare our experience. Google shows they have 30 4.5+ star reviews, but Heliz publishes ZERO reviews for the blankets on their website. 


The Helix is cozy; the feeling of the sheared fleece feels excellent on the skin. This blanket worked great in bed, but we preferred to enjoy using it directly on our skin while awake on the couch. The blanket is visually attractive and looks great while sitting on the sofa or wrapped around your body. We did find the Helix to be louder than many of the other blankets we have tested because of the weighted blanket fabric. However, the coziness of the different fabrics makes up for the noise from the material. Starting at just $99, the Helix is reasonably priced, and we feel it is well worth the price based on the quality. 


  • Two-sided with fleece and sheared microfiber
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Extra cozy
  • Duvet and weighted blanket well connected in ten places


  • Only one color option (but we liked the neutral color)
  • Loud inner fabric

Have you tried the Helix weighted blanket? Let us know your experience as a comment below. Not sure if the Helix is right for you? Check out our other weighted blanket reviews.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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