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Honeybird Weighted Blanket Review

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Honeybird was created by two friends Sean and Taylor in 2018 who raised money on Kickstarter to create a stylish weighted blanket. Used to provide deep pressure, weighted blankets feel like a comforting hug, which reduces stress, alleviates anxiety, and improves sleep. To learn more about the benefits of weighted blankets, read our buying guide to weighted blankets.

Honeybird Weighted Blanket Features

  • Weight options: 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs (all the same size)
  • Blanket Fill: Nano glass beads
  • One size: 51” x 75” (Throw)
  • Optional duvet cover (recommended)
  • Duvet: Washable. Top: Polyester/cotton blend Bottom: Cotton

How to choose a blanket

The Honeybird blanket comes in one size and multiple weights options. A weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight. For this review, we slept with a 15lb Honeybird weighted blanket with duvet cover. To choose the correct sized Honeybird blanket, follow this chart:

65-129 lbs10 lbs
130-199 lbs15 lbs
200 lbs20 lbs

At 51” x 75”, the blanket is big enough to put over most body sizes while in bed or to curl up on the couch or comfortable chair. The weighted blanket features a 4’ diamond-shaped grid filled with nano glass beads. The glass beads are made from recycled materials and are what provide the weight of the blanket. They are so tiny they almost feel like grains of sand. Each of the 4’ shapes contain around 2-3 tbs of the glass beads. By keeping the sections small, the blanket remains balanced on the body. 

Optional Duvet Cover

The optional duvet cover is machine washable, and for an extra $30, the duvet cover will keep the weighted blanket clean and provide a more cozy feel. The Honeybird duvet cover is one of our favorites for comfort and style. The top of the duvet features a diagonal stripe pattern made of a cotton fleece-like material that feels like a soft sweatshirt or a ringspun cotton t-shirt. To give it texture and style, it also features a parallel strip with cross-stitching. The pattern and fabric of the top of the duvet look very stylish, hip, and modern. 

The bottom side of the duvet cover that goes next to your body is a cool feeling cotton that is very breathable. It feels almost like a standard cotton bedding sheet that feels good on the skin. With the cool cotton on the bottom, the duvet cover and weighted blanket is a year-round choice and a good for anyone who sleeps hot.

Our experience

I slept with the Honeybird weighted blanket for five nights (there are other weighted blankets to review!). If you aren't used to a weighted blanket, it may take 3-5 nights to get used to the feeling. As a side sleeper, I do rotate from side to side, and the first few nights, your mind may pay closer attention to the extra weight when rolling around. But after a few nights, it isn't as noticeable or maybe I'm moving less in the night which is one of the goals of using the weighted blanket. However, after sleeping with a weighted blanket for an extended period and then didn't use one for a few nights, I almost felt naked sleeping without one. The weighted blanket has become an important part of the sleep ritual.

When testing the Honeybird, I used a standard cotton sheet with the weighted blanket (with duvet) on top. The top of the duvet with the fleece-like material felt excellent and cozy on my skin, and the bottom layer of cotton had enough friction with the sheet below to not slide off of my body while sleeping. The blanket provided the feelings of a hug I expected from a weighted blanket.

However, we had one complaint with the Honeybird weighted blanket. The duvet cover does NOT have enough ties to attach to the weighted blanket. Almost immediately, when inspecting the blanket, we grabbed the duvet to look inside and noticed the blanket slips away from the duvet cover. Featuring six straps, once the blanket gets away from the edge of the duvet cover, it is hard to get it back into place. The blanket was all lined up when we received it, but after some movement, it got out of place and was challenging to get back to alignment. Nothing is worse than grabbing for a comforter and getting the cover and not the actual blanket.

We hope that in future batches of the Honeybird weighted blanket, they add more straps or find a way to improve the stability of the blanket inside of their beautiful duvet cover. It may be that they don't strap the blanket close enough to the edges as you can see in the below photo.


10 lbs$105 ($145 with cover) Check Price
15 lbs$115 ($155 with cover) Check Price
20 lbs$125 ($165 with cover) Check Price


We loved the material of the duvet cover, especially the top. The blanket looks fashionable and not “cheap” like some other blankets we have tested. The glass beads are small and in a 4″ grid which kept the blanket feeling very balanced. However, we had a big problem with the bunching of the blanket inside the duvet cover. Grabbing for a blanket and just getting a duvet cover ruins the sleep vibe. While the weighted blanket only comes in one size, we think that is a plus. One size with multiple weights allows for a heavier blanket that is focused on the body rather than spread out on a portion of the bed that won’t get used.


  • Breathable – Allows for all year use.
  • Good weight distribution
  • Very stylish
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Shipping (currently)


  • Bunching. There aren’t enough ties on the duvet cover, and the blanket doesn’t stay close enough to the edge of the duvet cover. Multiple times when grabbing for the blanket I grabbed the cover without the blanket.
  • Not big enough for couples (But is that a con? Nothing wrong with having your own blanket)
  • Only comes in grey and navy (but we like the grey)

Have you tried the Honeybird weighted blanket? Tell us your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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