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Infant Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Dreams of Infants are Cute

When you dream of infants, it can hold a variety of different meanings. If the infant is a newborn, it can be symbolic of pleasant surprises, that you may be the recipient of or the giver. Dreams of an infant can also symbolize new beginnings and new commitments. It is also indicative of growth. It may not always actually symbolize a baby but may instead be symbolic of new ideas or projects that are in the newborn state. You must nurture them and do many things to develop them into what you want them to be.

If you do not have a child, but want one, a dream about infants is a wish fulfillment dream. The subject is consuming you so much that it is even invading your sleep. You need to put your desires for an infant on the back burner and wait. Things will happen as they are supposed to.

Details of the situations in your dreams reveal much more. When you dream that an infant is swimming, it means that you have luckily made an escape from a sticky situation you were in.  Rejoice in it and give no more thought to the entanglement that you got out of. If you dream of an infant that needs to be fed, it may be that the new projects in your life need additional nurturing.


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