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Jackal Dream Interpretation and Meaning

To the ancient Egyptians, the jackal-headed god Anubis was charged with leading the souls of the dead to the Underworld. Anubis was considered a good and benevolent deity, acting as the Pathfinder to the Underworld because of its natural ability to see in the dark. In the modern world, the jackal represents a guide to your unconscious mind and frequently is a symbol of warning or trickery.

When you dream of a jackal, the dream may indicate that someone you know – perhaps a friend – is using you to build up his or her own career. Or it may suggest that you are the one who is using others; in this case, the dream jackal is a warning that you could lose friends over such activity if you are not careful. This interpretation of a jackal dream is even more to the point if the jackal is your pet in the dream.

The dream jackal could also represent someone in your waking life who uses others in general. Conversely, it may be telling you that you should become more independent and stop using other people for your own benefit.

A jackal in a dream sometimes represents a message telling you to take advantage of an opportunity. It may also indicate some degree of manipulation, either on your part or by someone close to you.

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