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Jockey Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Jockey Dreams are All About the Team

When you dream of a jockey, it is usually symbolic of your own work life and your role as an integral part of a team. The jockey and the horse are the ultimate symbol of teamwork. They work together perfectly as one in order to win the race. Therefore, a dream of a jockey may be an indication that you need to focus more on teamwork and working well with others. You may want to rethink how you get along with your teammates in the workplace. If you are all about trying to take all the glory, monopolizing the effort, letting others do all the work or must always be the one in charge, you may be jeopardizing the entire team’s effort and success. A dream of a jockey tells you that effective teamwork is the key to your success at work.

In terms of predicting the future using dreams, a dream of a jockey means that you will receive a gift from a surprising source. You may mean more to that person than you realize. Dreaming of a jockey being thrown from a horse may mean that strangers will need your help. Be ready and willing to lend a hand.

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