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Knight Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Knight Dreams Get Medieval

A knight is typically a royal soldier in medieval times. In modern day, it is an accomplished man who has been bestowed this honorary title by a monarch. Seeing a knight in a dream is a symbol of chivalry, heroism, quests and dedication. Knights are also symbolic of vulnerability, because their armor protects what is underneath. A dream of a knight may be your subconscious telling you that you are shielding yourself from being vulnerable with an impenetrable outer layer. This protection may also be keeping you from getting close to others.

The term “knight in shining armor” is very common. To see one in your dreams is indicative of having a need for being rescued. You may want to be protected and feel secure. You may be looking for someone who will come along to save you and sweep you off your feet. For single women, if you are holding out for this type of man, you may be sadly disappointed. In fact this desire may be the reason you are still single. You may be discarding potential good mates because they do not seem knightly enough for you. Eligible men may also sense your neediness and avoid getting entangled with someone who constantly needs rescuing. You need to rescue yourself or at least come to terms with the fact that you do not need another person to rescue you.

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  1. I dreamed I shut the door on my armored knight and sent him and his gorgeous white horse away when I woke up I was so mad I hadn’t bought the horse from him


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