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Laser Lite Earplugs for Sleeping Review

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Sometimes a simple, inexpensive foam earplug is all you need. Designed for ear protection, Laser Lite earplugs are frequently used on noisy job sites. With a day-glow magenta and yellow, the design helps supervisors monitor that employees follow compliance requirements and hearing safety on the job site. The Laser Lite earplugs are made by Honeywell. Featuring soft foam in a T-shape, a tapered end, noise reduction of 32bB, the earplugs have the core features required for a sleeping earplug. But are they comfortable? Do these safety earplugs work for sleeping? In this review, we will cover the earplug design, packaging, how to use the Laser Lite earplugs, and discuss our experience while wearing them when sleeping. 

Earplugs Design & Comfort

The Laser Lite is shaped like a T to make it easier to remove from the ear than standard round earplugs, which can be tough to grip. The soft foam compresses and expands within the year and should fit most sizes of ear canals. Due to the softness of the foam, this earplug seems like it will work painlessly for smaller ears. The foam is also very smooth, which makes it less likely to cause discomfort in your ear or allow for a build-up of bacteria in any tiny holes in the earplug. 

We had one major complaint with the design of the Laser Lite earplugs. The end of the earplug that sticks out of your ear is rounded and T-shaped. When pushing the earplug into the ear canal, we found it bent over, which made it difficult to get a good seal while holding for 30 seconds for the foam to expand. These Laser Lite earplugs will take more effort to get the proper fit in the ears with the current shape and design. 

Sound Filtering

The noise reduction of the Laser Lite earplugs was very close to other sleeping earplugs we have reviewed, such as the Drift to Sleep earplugs at 32db. However, we found that it may be due to the foam, shape, or fit they didn’t provide quite as much noise reduction as expected. The end that enters the ears and the overall width when compressed was smaller than the Drift to Sleep. This size difference might be why other reviewers have suggested they are suitable for those with smaller ears. While the dB reduction is essential, having an excellent fitting earplug that is comfortable and stays in your ears is probably more important.

One of the nights that I wore these earplugs, it was garbage day, and the garbage and recycling trucks come to make a ton of noise at around 6 am. Fortunately, while wearing these earplugs, I didn’t notice those sounds that typically disrupt my sleep in the morning once a week. 

As mentioned in other reviews, we have not tested earplugs first hand with snoring partners. However, we did read other reviewers about their experiences. Based on third-party reports, it seems like about 75% of those who mentioned snoring found the Laser Lite earplugs provided a benefit and made their partners snoring tolerable. With a noise reduction rating of 32dB, it is suitable to significantly reduce the noise coming from noises inside or outside the house, such as a snoring partner, animal, traffic, or the garbage truck.

Earplug Case

These earplugs do not come with a case but are in a single-use plastic bag.


The Laser Lite earplug pairs come individually wrapped in plastic. The bags are super annoying to open despite the “Tear Here” text on the plastic bag. We don’t approve of all the plastic with these non-biodegradable disposable earplugs. We understand the sanitary requirements, but the plastic is overused. 


$6.44 for 25 pairs Check Price on Amazon

Caring for your earplugs

How to use

When using Laser Lite earplugs, it is essential to have clean hands and ears. Transferring bacteria into the ear may cause potential health issues. With clean hands:

  1. Roll and compress earplug between thumb and forefinger. Roll and progressively compress the tapered end of the earplug to a small wrinkle-free cylinder.
  2. Insert plug. Reach overhead pull the top of the ear upward. Insert the tapered end into the ear canal. Hold the earplug until it expands, which takes almost 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, gently push into the ear canal one more time. It does take a decent amount of time for the foam to expand fully, but it is crucial for getting the correct fit to block out sounds before sleeping.
  3. Check for fit — Cup hands over both ears and release. With correctly inserted earplugs, you shouldn’t notice a significant difference in attenuation between your hands covering and not covering the ears.
  4. Earplug Removal: Remove the earplug slowly with a gentle twisting motion to break the seal and avoid damage to the eardrum.

Earplug Care

The Laser Lite earplugs are considered disposable; however, multiple third-party reviewers mentioned that they reuse the earplugs by washing them with soap and water. Some users have used the same earplugs for weeks to months. Before considering reusing disposable sleeping earplugs, make sure to read our guide to sleeping earplugs as there are potential health issues when reusing earplugs. 

Guarantee / Warranty

The earplugs do not have a guarantee or warranty as they are an inexpensive disposable product. 



  • One-size fits all.
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 33bB
  • Soft polyurethane foam
  • Contoured T-Shape
  • Smooth surface

Pros as sleeping earplugs

  • Inexpensive ($0.26 per pair)
  • 32bB noise reduction
  • Soft foam makes it suitable for side sleepers
  • T-Shape makes it easy to remove from the ear.
  • An excellent choice for smaller ears


  • The bulge at the end of the earplug makes it more difficult to press and hold into the ear.
  • All pairs are individually packed. While this may be more hygienic, we find the excess plastic a big con for environmental reasons.
  • Didn’t stay in our ears as well as other earplugs we have tested.

Have you used the Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite earplugs for sleeping? If so, let us know your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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