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Lawyer Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Lawyer Dreams are Crafty

When you dream of lawyers, it may be a simple case of being embroiled in a case that is going through the legal system. You may also dream of lawyers if you are afraid of getting caught doing something that is wrong. Your guilt may be at work in your dreams. There may also be a situation in your life where you are accusing another of some impropriety or defending yourself against some accusation. Such situations may prompt dreams of lawyers. Often our dreams are reflections of the things going on in our daily lives.

Symbolically, a dream of being a lawyer is an indication that help you may need is at your disposal. You simply need to ask for it. You should stop being prideful and depend on others in your time of need.

Lawyer dreams may also be an omen of things to come. If in your dream, you are a lawyer, it is symbolic that you will have great success and prestige in whatever profession you choose. If in your dream, you meet a lawyer during a social function, it is a predictor that you will be embroiled in a scandal in the near future.

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