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Lizard Dream Interpretation and Meaning


If you dream of a lizard, it is an indication that you can adapt easily to changes in your life and that you have very strong defense mechanisms. The dream lizard represents the powers of observation and perception, as well as the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

The lizard may also symbolize something in your unconscious mind that you would rather ignore, perhaps a feeling that you are being ‘cold blooded’ about something or someone. A dream lizard may indicate an irrational fear, such as a fear of a primitive emotion like anger or aggression.

The dream lizard symbolizes your most basic and instinctive responses, including the need to protect your territory, to reproduce, or to engage in rituals. The lizard represents the primitive brain functions in humans that are necessary for survival, i.e., the “lizard brain.”

If you see a lizard in a dream, it means that you are concerned or fearful of your primal instincts and reactions. On the positive side, the lizard represents creativity and revitalization as well.

For Native Americans, the lizard is the symbol of the Dreamer, so if you dream of a lizard, it is an important dream and will give you significant information about yourself and your goals.

If the dream depicts a lizard in a group of people, it means that someone close to you will betray you if it is in his or her best interests. The lizard dream may indicate coming attacks upon you from acquaintances. If you dream that you kill a lizard, you are likely to overcome any attacks and regain any losses in fortune or reputation.


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  • Interesting!
    I dreamt that I rescued two people from a car crash. By the time I helped them out the car, they had turned into lizards. The whole dream had a feeling of uneasiness. I recall feeling that I extremely concerned about these lizards (people) who were in the car crash, when no one else seemed to be. It was very strange.

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  • I dont know if I was dreaming or real. Lizard was breathing hard and I have a fright and hit him and I hurt how he land with two feet on our tile floor. So I couldnt fall back to sleep and was looking the whole night if I can hear or see him without wake my husband. Am very concern if it was real or a dream. If anyone can explain ..........Amanda

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  • Thank you very much I had a dream last night about a alligator lizard attackin* me and I over came it .So thank you very much for you’re expanded explanation it was most help full.

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  • Thank you very much I had a dream abou5 an alligator lizzard attackin me and I over came it. So thank you very much for you’re expanded explanation it was most help full.

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