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Luna weighted blanket review

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The Luna weighted blanket is one of the best selling weighted blankets for kids and adults on Amazon. With 4700+ 4.5 star reviews, it has to be great, right? We decided to test the Luna blanket to see if it lived up to the hype. We purchased a 15 lb blanket, and in our Luna weighted blanket review will discuss our experience that includes both the good and the bad while using the blanket.

Why use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets provide Deep Touch Pressure similar to a comforting hug that relaxes the nervous system. The feeling promotes stress relief, alleviates anxiety, and improves sleep. Anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, autism, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome may benefit from using a weighted blanket. Blankets work while lounging on the couch or all night while sleeping in bed. For more information check out our weighted blanket guide.

Who shouldn't use a weighted blanket

Luna recommends that those who have weak or sensitive joints (knee, hip, back) should not use weighted blankets. Children who use weighted blankets should be able to remove the blanket from their bodies on their own. 

How to pick a Luna weighted blanket

When choosing a Luna weighted blanket, you will need to make decisions based on the blanket weight, dimensions, and color. Our guide will make it easy to choose the right blanket for your body size and bed size. 


Weighted blankets should be about 10% of the user's body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, pick a 15 pound blanket (give or take 1-2 lbs). If your weight is in between sizes, Luna recommends choosing a lighter one. Fortunately, Luna has such a wide range of sizes that are only 2-3 pounds different going up or down. There should be a size that works for most sleepers.  

Your Body WeightBlanket Weight
~ 40 lbs5
~ 60 lbs7
~ 90 lbs10
~ 110 lbs12
~ 140 lbs15
~ 160 lbs17
~ 190 lbs20
~ 210 lbs22
~ 240 lbs25


Luna weighted blankets are sized to the edge of the bed. They will not hang off the edges like a typical comforter. Fitting the top of the mattress is standard for weighted blankets. 

Luna offers blanket sizes that range from throw to king size. While Luna offers queen or king-sized blankets, keep in mind that if you are a solo sleeper, the weight spreads out much wider than your body. If you are co-sleeping, you are almost splitting the weight. In general, we recommend choosing individually sized weighted blankets with dimensions that are equal to a throw, twin or full-sized bed. Selecting the smaller dimension blankets allows your body to get more of the weight on your body rather than spread unused over your bed. 


Luna weighted blankets are available in a range of neutral colors, simple stripe patterns, as well as playful patterns that kids will love. The youth weighted blankets feature designs such as dinosaurs, space, unicorns, and more. One thing we noticed was that the kids patterns were only available on Amazon and not available from their website. 


  • 100% cotton – (outer layer) Luna calls their cotton “All Climate Cooling Cotton,” which wicks away heat to allow for year-round use. Luna features 5″ pockets, which are the right size for balanced weighted blankets.
  • Polyester filling – (inside) The polyester is not mentioned on their website or Amazon product description. We noticed many reviews of people who were not happy with the lack of disclosure by Luna about the materials listed. While Luna does meet labeling requirements on the product, this information should be visible on their website and Amazon sales page.
  • Non-toxic glass beads – The glass beads are what give the blanket weight. The beads are very small.

The weighted blankets materials are Oeko-Tex Certified which means that every thread, zipper, or item used to make the product has been tested for harmful substances in human ecological terms. The items are checked for regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health. The Oeko-Tex catalog of materials they test for is updated annually. 


Prices start as low as $40 and go as high as $180. 

Weighted blanket covers

To preserve your investment in the Luna weighted blanket, we recommend picking out a blanket cover. Adding a different fabric cover also allows the weighted blanket to be used comfortably during different seasons. Luna offers a variety of materials and styles of covers:

Each Luna weighted blanket features eight fabric loops around the perimeter of the blanket. The duvet covers have fabric ties that allow the blanket to be tied close to the weighted blanket. We didn't test a duvet cover for this review of the Luna blanket, but our previous weighted blanket research found that eight ties are sufficient. We recommend a minimum of six connectors for weighted blankets to give the most balanced and unified feel between a blanket and duvet cover.

Our Experience

What we tested

We purchased a 15lb twin-sized blanket from the Luna Amazon store. At the time, we didn't see the option of the duvet, so we just bought the weighted blanket. When I first opened the package, I was pleased to see 5″ squares to keep the beads separated. Squares larger than 5″ tend to have too much grouping of beads. The Luna blanket featured micro glass beads, which are our preferred object for giving weight to a weighted blanket. 

Over the past few months, we have tested quite a few weighted blankets and have a pretty idea of what makes for a good and balanced blanket. We have also come up with a series of things to do to test each blanket. We sleep with the blanket overnight but also use it on our lap while watching TV or reading. Sitting with the blanket awake gives you more of an opportunity to appreciate the details of a blanket. It gives you time to touch the blanket, feel the beads, and experience the benefits while awake. After sitting with the Luna blanket for a short time, it became apparent quickly that something was wrong with our weighted blanket. There was no weight in the central part of the blanket on my lap or chest. I felt around in lots of squares but didn't feel as many beads as you may typically find in a 15 lb weighted blanket. Other areas of the blanket had beads that you could feel. I immediately emailed Luna to ask if the glass beads should be distributed evenly throughout the blanket. Luna informed me there should be an equal amount of glass beads in each square of the blanket. It was not the case with the blanket we received. To better understand what was going on with our blanket, we did a test. 

A look inside the Luna weighted blanket

To see inside our Luna weighted blanket, I held it up to the light. When the light shines through the blanket, it allows you to see the polyester batting as well as a grouping beads of the blanket. We were shocked to see how uneven the bead placement was inside the Luna blanket. It looked as if some pockets had all the beads, and others didn't have any. 

To determine if the beads were just misplaced in individual squares or missing, I weighted the Luna weighted blanket on a scale. Our 15 lb blanket weighted on 14 lbs. There were two major issues with our blanket, the uneven bead distribution and missing beads.

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things to happen when you purchase a weighted blanket. For a weighted blanket to work correctly, the beads should be even and the advertised weight. The lesson here is that whenever you buy a weighted blanket, make sure to weigh it before using it.

Luna Blankets response our blanket problems

After discovering this issue, we contacted Luna Blankets to discuss the issue. Luna informed us that they do not use any machinery to add the beads, and all of the beads are inserted by hand, so there is a “small chance of uneven distribution.” I don't think they quite understood how bad this particular blanket was made.

The trouble with outsourcing manufacturing in China or other places and shipping your product directly to Amazon fulfillment is that quality control can suffer without you knowing it. I understand that accidents happen but do hope that the others didn't receive an incorrectly weighted blanket.

On a positive note, they were swift to respond and offered a full refund or to send a replacement. Because of the lack of beads, incorrect weight, and an unbalanced blanket, I can't provide further info on the blanket. When we used it while lounging, the cotton blanket felt cool and much cooler than most minky styles of weighted blankets.


Wash cold on gentle cycle or hand wash and hang dry. 

Returns / Exchanges

30-day return policy – Returns must be submitted within 30 days of delivery. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges and packaging. The original plastic storage packaging is required to return the blanket. If you purchase on Amazon with Prime, the return shipping is free. 


The Luna blanket was available in so many sizes and colors. We appreciated there were also few styles of duvet covers to both protect the blanket and allow for year-round use. However, we were disappointed that the blanket we received was unbalanced and missing beads. Weighted blankets will not work correctly if the weight is missing or uneven.

We also didn't like that Luna does not actively reveal the materials inside their blankets on their website and Amazon sales page. The main Luna blanket fabric is cotton, but they do need to disclose that the inner filling polyester. This is an issue as some people are allergic to materials such as polyester.

With that said, Luna offers a 30-day guarantee, and their customer service replies very fast. So if you buy a blanket and you don't like it or it has a problem it can be returned easily.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Tons of sizes and colors
  • 30-day guarantee / Speedy customer service
  • Three fabric styles for duvet covers

Things to consider

  • The blanket we received was missing beads and uneven.
  • It contains polyester batting (typical of most weighted blankets), but not disclosed on their website or Amazon profile.
  • Does not come with a duvet cover (but they are reasonably priced)

Have you tried a Luna weighted blanket? Let us know your experience as a comment below. If you are interested in how Luna Blanket as a company got started you can read this interview on Starter Story.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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