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Luxe Pillow Review – Premium Chambered Pillow

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Sometimes you don’t realize how much a new pillow will improve your sleep until you replace your current one. A month ago, I started testing out two types of Luxe pillows, one down and the other a down alternative. During the testing process, I realized how much I needed a pillow upgrade, and the Luxe Pillow was a great option. This article will go over the details of the two types of pillows, cover what makes them unique, and our experiences while sleeping with them.

What initially interested me in Luxe Pillows was that the founder created these pillows after having neck problems using a poorly made worn-out pillow. Unable to find a pillow that suited his needs, he and his wife set out to create the perfect pillow, and I had to try what they came up with. Luxe Pillow wasn’t a sheet company that just decided to start selling a standard pillow. Luxe Pillow began with a specific focus on making a comfortable pillow that supported various sleeping positions. There was a lot of care, thought, and technology into the Luxe Pillows.

What makes Luxe Pillows unique?

The Luxe pillows are unique in that they are a chambered pillow. From the outside, the pillow looks like every other pillow. But inside, there is a core section and two chambers on the top and bottom. The chamber spans from edge to edge. The varied density zones in each section or chamber add structure, softness, and support.

Down & Feature Pillow

The core section is down feathers that consist of small waterfowl. The two outer chambers are filled with ultra-premium white goose down. The pillow shell is made from a soft 100% cotton with double stitched piped edges to prevent any leaking of feathers. As a bonus, each pillow comes with a pillow protector made with 300 thread count damask.


  • Fill (Core) – small waterfowl
  • Fill (Outer chambers) – ultra-premium white goose down
  • Pillow shell – 100% cotton. Stitching is double stitched piped edges
  • Pillow protector – 300 Thread count damask. Size options: Standard or King
  • Allergens – All Luxe pillows are Hypo-allergenic


  • Firmness – Medium
  • Loft – Medium-low
  • Ideal Positions – All position
  • Noise – 6/10 (for the first week or two) then drops to a 3/10
  • Loft – ~8″

Down Alternative (Polyester Gel Fiber)

The Polyester Gel Fiber pillow features the same multi-chamber inside of the pillow. The pillow's core section features a slightly heavier fill than the two chambers added for extra support.


  • Fill (Core) – Fiber fill of 100% polyester gel (different density)
  • Fill (Outer chambers) – Fiber fill of 100% polyester gel (different density)
  • Pillow shell – 100% cotton. Stitching is double stitched piped edges.
  • Pillow protector – 300 Thread count damask.
  • Allergens – All Luxe pillows are Hypo-allergenic


  • Firmness – Medium
  • Loft – Medium-low
  • Ideal Positions – All position but best for back/stomach sleepers
  • Noise – 6/10 (for the first week or two) then drops to a 3/10
  • Loft – 8″

Our Experience

Before we started testing the Luxe pillows, I was confident that I would favor the down pillow over the down-alternative pillow. Not just because it was more expensive, but down can be more comfortable and generally considered a more luxurious pillow. However, after testing quite a few pillows this year, it has become clear that pillow choice is highly personal, and picking a pillow based on the fill is not enough. With so many body types, sleeping positions, body sizes, and overall preference, it is no surprise there are so many styles and types of pillows on the market. 

After testing each pillow for multiple weeks each, I found that I liked both but for different reasons. If I HAD to pick, I would choose the down-alternative pillow, and let me tell you why. While these pillows work for any sleep style, they have a medium loft and a bit less than what I prefer as a 6′ tall guy as a side sleeper. It wasn't a deal-breaker for me because historically, I usually fold the corner of the pillow in at times to give it a bit more loft and neck support. It is a habit that I didn't recognize that I did until recently. 

When comparing the two pillows, I found the down pillow inside tended to stay more compact and remained remarkably consistent across the pillow from corner to corner. The down was quite impressive, and I believe we have the multi-chamber design to thank for this great feature. While the synthetic also has the chambers, I found that the material “loosened up” a bit more, which allowed me to fold the corner easily than the down version. In the picture below, it shows that the down version (1st photo) remained relatively smooth and the down alternative (2nd photo) is a bit bumpier. It isn't something that I can feel when sleeping on it, but I noticed that it changed more than the down pillow version. 

When I first started testing the pillows, I would sleep one for multiple days then switch to the other. After a while, I favored the synthetic version. If I slept on my back, stomach, or in the middle of the pillow, I would probably prefer the down version with the lovely soft, consistent feel. The down compresses nicely. It is fluff-able but keeps in mind that the multi-chambers hold the feathers in the right chamber, so the pillow doesn’t get off-camber.

For the first few nights, I was concerned because the pillows were on the loud side from what might have been the protective cover. After a few weeks of use, I noticed that noise subsided as the pillow became more and more comfortable. 

The pillows are on the more expensive side at $129 for the down version and $79 for the down-alternative, but the technology and craftsmanship make it well worth it. We spend so much time on our pillows lounging and sleeping. There is no need to start trying to save a few dollars on a good pillow. We liked that the pillow came with a protective case with a hidden zipper. It just makes it easy to have something that is protecting your investment. 

Why we love Luxe Pillows

  • They are very comfortable!
  • The three-chamber design allows it to have layers of different types of waterfowl and down feathers.
  • And all of the white goose down and small game waterfowl are certified as sustainably sourced.
  • Trial Period – There is a lengthy trial period that should give you plenty of time to know if the Luxe Pillow is right for you.
  • Hypoallergenic – All Luxe Pillows are certified hypoallergenic.
  • Both the down and down alternative were breathable and slept cool.
  • Down alternative feel – Feels close to down.
  • No Allergies: Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial
  • Cotton Shell – The cotton protector is made from cool cotton that keeps the temperature regulated and cool.
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
  • Pillow structure – The coolest part of the Luxe Pillow features a multi-chamber pillow. The core is made to provide support, and the other chambers provide structure, softness, and support.
  • Guarantee – I love that they claim it’s a No-Risk – High Reward. So great.

Who the pillow might not be right for?

The Luxe Pillow might not be right for you if you require a high loft pillow for side sleeping. With that said, a small fold of the corners will provide you the necessary lift. We found the down alternative (poly gel fiber) pillow much easier to fold the corners.

Shipping / Returns

All Luxe Pillows have free shipping on all products. They also have a 100-Night No-Risk Sleep Trial. If you don’t like it, they will send you a return label, but they ask that you try the pillow for three weeks before returning it. 

Care instructions

Pillow – Wash in warm water (up to 104 degrees) on gentle cycle with mild soap. Balance dryer at 50-75% capacity. Dry the pillow on low heat (<100 degrees). Balance dryer at 50% capacity.
Pillow protector – Remove the pillow protector and wash separately.

Why choose Luxe Pillow as a company

Excelled customer service – Most queries are responded to within 60 minutes. Gotta love the commitment to customer service. 

Product options – Luxe Pillow keeps its offerings simple with a few choices. There is a Down and Feather pillow, and the Alternative Down is made with Polyester Gel Fiber. You can buy a single pillow or a 2 pack for a $30 discount.

Charitable company – Luxe Pillows is a charitable company and donates a percentage of profits to Portland schools.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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