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Luxome weighted blanket review w/integrated cover

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The reversible Luxome integrated weighted blanket features bamboo lyocell on one side and minky fleece on the other. Filled with micro glass beads for weight, the Luxome works as a throw blanket on the couch or a blanket for your bed. Luxome has been selling weighted blankets on their website and since 2018. They sell not only an integrated weighted blanket but also a more traditional weighted blanket with an optional duvet cover as well as bamboo sheets. In this review, we provide tips for picking the right blanket for your body and discuss our experiences while using the Luxome integrated cover weighted blanket. 

Why use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety, stress, and improve your overall sleep quality. The weight creates Deep Touch Pressure, which is a uniform pressure that releases serotonin in your body, which is calming. The feeling of using a weighted blanket is similar to a comfortable hug. Anyone who suffers from anxiety, trouble falling asleep, insomnia, PTSD, or autism may benefit from using a weighted blanket. 

What is an integrated cover blanket?

There are typically two styles of weighted blankets: weighted blanket with a duvet cover or an integrated cover weighted blanket. 

Weighted blanket with duvet cover

The most commonly sold weighted blanket style is just a weighted blanket with an optional duvet cover. Since some weighted blankets aren't machine washable having a duvet cover is essential to protect your investment. The best part of having a duvet cover is that you can buy multiple covers in different fabric styles to make your blanket cooler or warmer during different times of the year. 

With duvet covers, there are a series of fabric ties to connect the blanket and duvet cover. With enough ties (8+), the blanket and duvet feel almost as one. However, because there is so much weight in weighted blankets, they can easily shift away from the duvet cover. The separation leaves extra fabric around the edges of the duvet. So when you go to grab the blanket, you may just grab the duvet and not the blanket, which can be frustrating. While duvets protect the weighted blanket, they can be more work to clean. With all of the connection between the duvet and the blanket, it can be a pain to tie and untie all the straps when it comes time to wash the duvet cover. 

Integrated cover weighted blankets

Integrated cover weighted blankets are one piece. One of the main perks of an integrated blanket is there won't be any bunching of materials between the duvet and the weighted blanket. Integrated weighted blankets also tend to be easier to care for, assuming they are machine washable. 

The only drawback of an integrated weighted blanket is that you can't swap out duvet covers to make the blanket work year-round. The Luxome weighted blanket addressed this issue by creating a blanket with two distinct sides. The bamboo side is highly breathable, and the minky side will sleep much warmer. If you sleep warm or it is during summer months, use the bamboo side on your body in the colder months, or if you sleep cool use the minky side against your body. 

Luxome Specs

Below are details about the size options, materials, weights, dimensions, and care instructions for the Luxome integrated cover blanket. 


Small8 lbs42″ x 56″
Medium15 lbs54″ x 72″
Large18 lbs60″ x 80″

All Luxome blankets have free shipping within the continental United States. 


  • Filling: Hypoallergenic 1mm glass beads and polyester batting
  • Side 1: 100% minky polyester microfiber (195 GSM). GSM stands for grams per square meter, which is the metric measurement of the weight of the fabric.
  • Side 2: 100% organic lyocell bamboo (300 thread count) The bamboo feels like something between premium cotton and silk. It naturally moisture-wicking, thermal regulating, anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, and soft.


The Luxome integrated blanket is available in seven colors. All but two have different colors on each side. 


Machine wash the blanket cold on a gentle cycle with an extra rinse. Don't use bleach or fabric softener, dry clean, or iron. Tumble dry low heat on gentle. 

How to choose a Luxome weighted blanket


Typically, weighted blanket companies recommend choosing a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs, the correct blanket would be 15 lbs. However, Luxome claims there is no scientific merit in determining the correct blanket weight. Luxome performed a study with a variety of test subjects and found the blanket weight wasn't as important as an optimal weight per square foot regardless of the user's age, weight, and size. As a result of their research, Luxome created the following blanket options that should work for the majority of the population:

Small8 lbs42″ x 56″Best for children (4+) Check Price
Medium15 lbs54″x 72″Best for adolescents,
smaller adults and
couch throws
Check Price
Large18 lbs60″x80″Best for adults Check Price

Luxome has not published any data on their research with more specifics of their study. I would like to know many participants tested blankets, their ages, weights, body types, and how many nights each participant used the blanket. The reason I bring this up is that Luxome is the only company attempting to change the recommended weight of weighted blankets. I have tried lots of weighted blankets, and the 10% guide (+- 1-2 pounds) always seemed to be about the right weight. However, I do know that simply choosing a blanket based on weight is not sufficient to get the optimal benefits from a weighted blanket. A 15 lb twin vs. full-sized vs. queen or king blanket significantly changes the amount of weight that will be on your body. 

I agree with Luxome that the weight per sq/foot is essential and should be how we choose weighted blankets. Large blankets spread the weight out, and you lose the potential effectiveness of the blanket. For this reason, we have always recommended choosing a blanket that is a twin or full size and avoiding the queen or king size because the weight gets too spread out. 

I'm not sold that Luxome's single weight ratio will work for all people. Activating Deep Touch Pressure on your body will depend on your body size and other factors. For this reason, I think that Luxome or another weighted blanket company should take this strategy a step further. There should be different square foot weights for different body sizes or preferences. Right now, Luxome blankets provide 0.56 lb sq/ft for an individual. With further studies, we may find that people should be choosing weighted blankets based on .30, .56, or .74 sq/ft (just throwing out numbers!). I appreciate Luxome's efforts to attempt to understand the optimal weight for a blanket, and the concept of weight per square foot is thought-provoking. 


Weighted blankets are usually sized based on the top dimensions of standard mattress size. For example, a twin weighted blanket would then fit edge to edge of the twin mattress without going over the edge of the blanket. It gives the weighted blanket a dimension much smaller than a standard twin comforter, which may hang 4-8″ over each edge. 

Luxome created an optimized size ratio for individual blankets dimensions. Luxome's ideal width to height ratio of the blankets is .75. A .75 ratio height to width allows for lateral movement while sleeping and reduces the chance of the blanket rolling with you. All three of Luxome blankets use this ratio instead of following typical mattress dimensions. 

Our Experience

The Luxome integrated cover blanket may be different from other comforters you have tried. The blanket itself is quite thin, considering how heavy it is. The micro-glass beads in the Luxome are tiny and hardly noticeable. Small beads keep the blanket quiet and help the blanket contour around your body.

I appreciated the two-sided design of the Luxome blanket. The bamboo side of the blanket was soft and felt good on the skin. It was much softer than many of the cotton covered weighted blankets we have reviewed. It felt cool to the touch and had an almost slippery feeling. The minky microfiber is very thin and soft and felt velvety. We usually aren't big fans of minky fabrics because they can feel cheap. However, the Luxome minky polyester felt fine and luxurious. Keep in mind that any minky polyester fabric adds a level of warmth that is unavoidable even if you put the minky side on top. 

Moving around under the blanket was simple, especially with the bamboo side towards the body. It also helped that the weighted blanket was an integrated cover, so there was no struggle to move the duvet cover vs. the actual weighted blankets. For anyone who has slept with different weighted blankets, you may notice that it is difficult to move the blanket when you wake up in the middle of the night because of all the layers and trying to keep them all lined up. The .75 ratio of length to width also seemed to be ideal for an individually sized blanket. As for the construction, the seams are strong, and the blankets appear well made. 

We purchased the 15-pound blanket that was 54″ x 75″. We used the Luxome blanket while lounging on the couch while reading and watching Netflix. Since we have a king-sized bed and it was just a full-size blanket, I didn't share the blanket at night with my wife. I used a sheet with an integrated blanket on top. Overall, the blanket was relatively cool and comfortable for many nights. However, when I say cool, it is cooler than all minky blankets, but it is still a blanket, and one side has the minky polyester, so it does trap some heat.


Luxome offers a 30 day return policy on all of their products. All returns must be done with the carrying tote to get a refund. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping. 


Overall we were impressed with the quality of materials in the Luxome integrated weighted blanket. The blanket was well crafted and attractive. The bamboo side was soft, breathable, and felt good on the skin. The minky fabric side had a high density of the material, which makes it feel soft and velvety. We appreciate all the effort Luxome has put into optimizing the size and weights for weighted blankets. The concept of the weight per square foot is great, but we think there is room to expand upon the idea to allow more weight options that will work for different bodies.


  • Integrated blankets are low maintenance
  • Easily washable
  • Bamboo is breathable and has other excellent characteristics
  • Minky fabric is softest we have tested
  • 30-day guarantee


  • Limited weight options

Have you tried the Luxome weighted blanket with integrated cover? Let us know your experience?


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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