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Melancholy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Melancholy Dreams Have Broad Implications

Melancholy is a common theme in dreams. There are countless disappointments in life that make us feel melancholy and disappointed with something that we though was going to be a success. This can be true in relationships, in business or in friendships. It may be true of family events, special occasions or everyday attempts to do something you want to do. A disappointment can leave you in a state of melancholy that translates into your dreams as a similar feeling.

Feeling melancholy in a dream is has a lot of implications about your own successes and failures, but so does seeing someone else in your dream feeling melancholy. If you see a friend or a loved one, or perhaps even someone you don’t know, feeling melancholy, this is a projection of interruptions that are occurring in your personal and business affairs. The message from your subconscious is that you are the one having the problem but that you might not even be aware yet that it is a problem. Pay attention to how things are progressing in your waking life, paying particular attention to your business life. There may be interruptions that you didn’t take seriously but that will cause problems in the long run.

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