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Mice Dream Interpretation and Meaning


In the mythology of Britain, mice are usually depicted as weak and timid creatures that compensate for these negative characteristics with traits like intelligence, resourcefulness, and compassion. So a dream of mice may indicate that the dreamer will be able to transform something that appears to be a “weakness” into an advantage and avoid problems.

Dream mice may also symbolize shyness, timidity, or fear. They may represent an invasion of privacy or something that is faded and shabby. Additionally, mice symbolize poverty of any kind and feelings of inadequacy in general.

A dream of a single mouse symbolizes a quiet and detail-oriented approach to things, while a dream in which several mice appear represents small worries and concerns that may lead to serious difficulties.

Dreams of mice often indicate problems on the domestic front, losses in business, and deceitful and insincere friends. Mice also represent relatively minor problems that you are spending too much time and energy thinking about. They frequently symbolize the “little things” that irritate you or minor fears that can stop you from reaching your goals. Dream mice may indicate feelings of inferiority.

If a mouse frightens you in your dream, it means that you will experience some kind of social embarrassment. If you see mice running freely through their surroundings, it means that you can expect some family arguments in the near future. To dream that you kill a mouse indicates that you will beat your rivals and achieve ultimate success. If a cat is chasing a mouse in your dream, it is a warning to keep other people from interfering in your business. If you dream of a mouse jumping on you, it means you will be a subject of a scandal, while a dream of eating mice means that you need to get something off your chest.


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  • So my wife had a dream that a lot of mice/rats? We're eating her feet and waist. She remembers her son sleeping next to her. At one point she grabs them and throws them fears she was dying.

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  • I had a dream of trying to catch and domesticate what looked like a jerboa jumping mouse after several different people trying to catch it for me but ultimately I got over my fear of it at caught it myself and puking it inside a fancy cage but I also feared that it would slip through the bars.

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