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Mother-in-law Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Mother-in-law Dreams Run in the Family

Unless your mother-in-law is your favorite person in the whole wide world, dreaming of her might not be how you wish to spend your dream time. But, depending on your relationship with your mother-in-law, your dreams about her have different meanings.

If you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law – you chat frequently on the phone, maybe have lunch together or go shopping or even indulge in some of the same hobbies – then her presence in your dreams probably is positive. To see your mother-in-law in your dream can indicate that you are content in your family life. Everyone gets along, and you derive great comfort from the relationships you enjoy with your extended family.

If the relationship you have with your mother-in-law is strained at best or downright hostile at worst, her presence in your dreams might be downright nightmarish. Is your mother-in-law critical and demeaning? Are you too good for her baby to be married to? Are you standing up to her in your dreams or allowing yourself to be browbeaten? Perhaps you don’t truly realize how bad things have gotten with her. Your dreams might be trying to “waken” you to the reality of your strained relations with the in-laws, forcing you to deal with them; at least subconsciously.

Of course, if you’re not married and dream of a mother-in-law, her presence in your dreams might portend an upcoming marriage. Whether your own or someone you are close to and care about, dreaming of a mother-in-law can point in this direction.

6 thoughts on “Mother-in-law Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. Last night i dream about my live in partner for 4 turning 5 years mother,in my dream she is asking me to cook for her,we are not close in real life .

  2. Recently I had a physical fight with my mother in law I have never been able to trust her last nite I had dream she came by chasing me trying to harm me I can’t stop thinking about my mother in law is capable of anything please somebody tells me what it means

  3. Kindly assist – I dreamt of my late mother in law who did not like me for the reasons that are known to her. She was naked in the dream with a youthful body,however she kept signalling the pain in her heart.I asked my husband to take her to the doctor – she was smiling as well.

  4. My husband and i are separated. He’s staying with his mother. For 8 years I’ve put up with her amd finally put my foot down. All of a sudden I have a dream that her and my Dad are the best of friends. None of us really like her so why dream something like that?


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