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Neighbor Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Neighbor Dreams Knock on Your Door

To dream of your neighbors, whether they are real or the product of your dream-world can have different meanings, depending on what types of behaviors the neighbors exhibit in your dream.

To dream of a good neighbor – one that is helpful, generous, and kind, perhaps – is good. It shows that you will enjoy your home and your life will be filled with domestic tranquility. It can also mean that you enjoy good fellowship with those you live among. You have a desire to live in a productive community, and you are ready, willing and able to get involved in projects throughout your neighborhood.

To have good dreams about your neighbors and the neighborhood in general can represent a need to be more active and to enjoy a sense of community. Your subconscious is trying to let you know that you have a need to make new friends and new ties.

If, when you dream of your neighbors they appear sad, then you can conclude that you may be in for strife and hardship. Sadness and anger both foretell dissension and quarrels among your neighbors and perhaps with yourself. Neighbors who are angry and fighting can indicate that you will be moving soon.

Too see your neighbors might also mean that you will lose time in gossip and strife. You may have gotten yourself between two neighbors who aren’t getting along and find yourself swept away in the whole affair.

Therefore, dreaming of your neighbors can indicate peace, tranquility and domestic bliss. It can also denote strife, quarrels and anger which may lead to your moving from the area.


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  • I dreamed that I was looking thru a window and saw people riding motorcycles and then 3 females came out sitting in 3 different chairs,and the one in the middle was wearing a blue mask.

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  • When I was 5 years old I went on holiday strangely as they didn't come with us I dreamt they had a baby as they had one son. After 4 years they did have a baby. The dad of the house was weird and again when 32 years later I had a dream about him saying strange things on facebook page saying I was lovely but a spoilt bratt.

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  • what about catching a neighbor throwing soup in my yard then at me?

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