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Nephew Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Nephew Dreams May Be Related

Last night, if you had a dream about your nephew, you can interpret the dream to foretell your future. Dreaming of your nephew will not necessarily tell you specifics about what is to come, but it can let you know what kind of fortune to expect – good or bad.

If your nephew is handsome, good looking, or pleasing to loot at in your dream, you can take it as a good omen that you will soon be moving to a more pleasant and happy residence. Perhaps you are about to move into a luxury apartment building or a posh dormitory at college.

If, however, you dream of your nephew and he is ugly and grotesque to look at, you can count on the vision of your nephew to foretell possible illness, disappointment, discomfort or a loss in your business. Any or all of these may be coming if you’ve dreamt of your nephew as ugly.

Sometimes, however, dreaming of one’s nephew can have a different meaning. Seeing your nephew in your dreams can indicate that your family is important to you. You may see him as an extension of yourself, or as an indication that there are relatives with whom you’d like to rebuild relationships with. Other times, your nephew might be considered to represent a side of your own self that needs acknowledgement or recognition.

So, to dream of your nephew as handsome or ugly can foretell a pleasant change or bad luck in business, respectively; or it can mean that you need to take a closer look at your familial relations or even at yourself. The presence of your nephew in your dreams has meaning – he is trying to tell you something important!


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  • I had a dream about my nephew last night. I don't recall most but what I remember is that I was in a big house with a beautiful night time view. The door bell rang, I went to see who it was and it was my nephew. I partially remember feeling happy to see him. He made a comment about how nice the place I'm in is. I smiled and chuckled a bit because that's how I usually respond to him. We then both had to use the restroom for some reason and I show him a bathroom to use while I used the other, but we could somehow see each other and still talk. I don't remember what we spoke about but then he left?

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    • I had a dream last night about my nephew. We looked down on to a beach and saw a house made of glass with my friend from work trying to gesture something to me.

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