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Nineteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Nineteen Dreams Are Powerful

To dream of numbers may seem to some to be unusual and rare. For others, dreaming of numbers is a way we can learn more about ourselves. Often, we dream of numbers without even realizing it; they show up in dreams as the age of a person, as amounts of cash, and important dates or times, and a particular number of people or things or even as the floors of a hotel or office building. Numbers can symbolize any amount of different meanings, but knowing what specific numbers mean can help.

Think back upon your dream and try to remember how many objects or people occurred. Did you repeat any activity in the dream a certain number of times? If the number you keep coming up with is nineteen, you’re in luck. This is a number that will give you more insight into yourself and what makes you who you are.

The number nineteen indicates independence and the ability to overcome personal problems or struggles. You probably are the type of person who has to stand up for yourself often. Perhaps you are small, shy, or in a position that caters to others. Your need to stand up for yourself comes from a desire to be assertive; to get the rest of the world to take you seriously. The good news is that you probably do not have a hard time doing so when it really matters.

Nineteen can also suggest that you are stubborn and do not easily accept help from others. While these traits can be positive ones, they can also be turned to the negative if you use them to insulate yourself or hurt others.

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