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Nuns Dream Interpretation and Meaning


In the Habit of Dreaming about Nuns?

A nun is a symbol of chastity and obedience. Nuns commit their lives to serving others and to serving god. They strive for greater spirituality and to be worthy of heaven.

To dream of a nun can mean different things to different people. In general, to dream of a nun might indicate that you have a need to be more helpful to others. It may be a reminder that you need to follow-through with the promises and vows you have made to others or even to yourself. The presence of the nun in a dream may also show that material things and wealth may be interfering with your quest for greater spirituality.

For a man to dream of nuns (if he’s a religious man) shows that he needs to make sure he is in strong control of himself. Material joys may interfere with his goal of seeking out a more spiritual life.

For a woman to dream of nuns may foretell widowhood or a separation from a lover or even her family. If she dreams of being the nun, it can indicate that she is discontent with her present surroundings or situation.

A dream of a dead nun can signify poverty or despair over the unfaithfulness of those around you that you care about. It might be an indication that all is not what it seems in your relationship.

If you dream that you are the nun and are taking off your robes, it most likely means that you are in conflict with your worldly desires as opposed to your spiritual hungers. It can mean that you need to make a conscious decision to pursue one over the other.


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  • Hi! Just want to know about the meaning of my dream. I dreamed about I was surrounded by nuns wearing black while I am lying down. They have many white candles and they are chanting a prayer for me. This dream happened a long time ago. It bothers me every time I remember it.

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  • I did dream of a dead nun...and a woman with blonde hair in a messy bun, it's a dream I've had twice now and I'm scared because in my dream the nun and lady want to kill me specifically...😥

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  • I dreamed about Im studying at this convent, I was wearing brown long checkered dress with a veil. Im so playful that every nun in there is screaming for me to get down because im climbing the wall. I was smiling and silly. It felt real, the laugh, their voice, even the feelings surrounding us that time I can still feel it right now. I just want to know what could it mean for me to have this kind of dream?

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  • The first dream of nuns I had they were blessing my front yard and I walked outside to get on the school bus and they ran to my bus driver and said I have bad luck for life so be careful

    The second one which just happened there was one outside and I saw it and locked the garage door that I was in and the door started to open like there was no lock so I ran inside my house and then the nun opened that one too like it wasn't locked then it killed me and I woke up. Nuns creep me out now and no it's not bc of the movie bc I've never seen it.idk what is up with me but like I'm very scared of them

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