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Occultist Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Occultist Dreams Might Be Hiding Something

Last night, in your dreams, you found yourself in the presence of an occultist. What does this mean? An occultist is one who follows “occultism”, which is the study of occult or hidden wisdom. The term “occult” typically refers to the study of things outside science and/or most organized religions. The occultist strives to understand hidden wisdom. He or she is looking at the inner nature of things, considered to be opposite to the “outer characteristics” science concerns itself with.

Therefore, to dream of an occultist who is practicing his or her study could indicate that there is some knowledge or wisdom that you need to avail yourself of. There is some inner truth that is trying to get your attention, and you need to acknowledge it. Are you at a point in your life when you are looking for answers? Are you examining your roots or religious beliefs? There may be something you already know that is trying to come out to help you with these things.

On the other hand, to dream of the occultist in isolation or out of the context of the occult itself (or occultism) means something quite different. If you dream you are under the influence of or being swayed by an occultist, the dream means that you have great generosity towards those less fortunate that you. You are determined and inspired to help those who have less, both socially and economically. To dream of this person points out your own character traits that are beneficial to society and your own community, family and friends.

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  1. i had a dream of occult i was with a friend in this dream we were walking with a flash light in the desert where i live and we saw a man with a goat mask and red robe so me and my friend took off running we heard them saying get them and don’t let them escape so while running a man with the red robe and goat mask came in my face and looked at me there was blood and a pentagram on him so i took off running we were almost out of there while running i looked to the right and saw a pentagram on fire not the star just the circle of it and a man standing there in the goat mask and red robe and he looked at me the whole time until we made it out of there we found two of our friends sitting out side of the desert and there were skulls and a satanic sign for some reason my friends were eating peanuts but that’s all i saw in my dream


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