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Review of Ohropax Wax Earplugs for Sleeping

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Ohropax wax earplugs provide such a tight seal and are popular among swimmers who want to keep water out of their ears. The wax covers the entrance to the ear and is sticky enough to stay in place without having to fill the entire ear canal like foam earplugs. While more expensive than foam, silicone, or other earplugs, the wax material is durable enough for multi-use. But how do they do while sleeping? In this review of Ohropax earplugs, we will cover the ease of use, sound blocking characteristics, and a general review of the earplugs and how well they work for sleeping. 

Earplugs Design

Created and manufactured in Germany since 1907, Ohropax earplugs are a recipe of cotton wool soaked in a mixture of Vaseline and paraffin waxes. The earplugs come in a small canister of twelve (6 pairs). After opening the container and see twelve fuzzy balls, you might think, oh wait, what did I buy?

Each earplug, wrapped in cotton wool, needs to be peeled. The first portion of fuzz comes off easily, but the last bit takes some effort to remove. Take the cylinder and move it around in your hands to form into a ball. Any remaining cotton strands will be absorbed. The soft wax warms up from the movement and becomes easier to mold into a circular shape.

Once in a ball form, it is pressed into the entrance of the ear cavity. Unlike foam earplugs, the wax should not go down into the ear canal. Using an earplug that doesn't go all the way into the ear canal, such as wax, may reduce the potential health concerns of ear wax compaction, which is more likely while using foam earplugs. 

The Ohropax wax earplugs are comfortable as they sit on the outside of your ear. They are sticky (not to the touch) and don’t fall out of the ears. 

Sound Filtering

The noise reduction for the Ohropax earplugs is 23dB. A 23dB noise reduction is decent, but it is about 10db lower than some of the other sleeping earplugs we have reviewed, including the (Laser Lite, Drift to Sleep, and Happy Ears). After reviewing third party reviews as it relates to snoring, 2-1 found it helped to block out a snoring partner. As with most earplugs, the wax earplugs do not block out all sound. They do significantly reduce noises from inside and outside of the bedroom. Individual results may vary, and it will depend on how loud your partner snores and how sensitive you are to those sounds as well. We wore the Ohropax earplugs for a week and found the sound reduction was plenty to muffle out the noises that distract our sleep, which include late-night cat mischief, garbage trucks, traffic noises, and other miscellaneous noises from the kids. 


These earplugs come in a case of twelve. If traveling, we recommend either bringing the entire case or removing a few and putting them in a bag. 


$6.02 for 12 pairs ($1.00 a pair) Check Price

Caring for your earplugs

How to use

When using any style of earplugs, it is essential to have clean hands and ears before inserting the earplug. Transferring any bacteria into the ear may cause potential health complications.

  1. Remove the outer cotton from the wax ball. There may remain a thin layer of cotton that remains. It will eventually just get absorbed by the wax. Discard any cotton removed from the wax ball.
  2. With clean hands, roll the wax cylinder into a ball. Keep moving the ball until the wax softens. Please keep it in a ball, never elongate it, use the entire earplug, and never split it.
  3. Insert the wax ball into the outside of the ear. Seal the opening of the ear canal with gentle pressure. Do not insert it into the ear canal.
  4. Earplug Removal: Remove the earplug slowly by moving your ear with one hand and picking or pulling the earplugs to break the seal and remove it.

Earplug Care

Ohropax in their safety guidelines says they are for single use only. However, The wax earplugs can be stored back in the container they came in. The Ohropax wax earplugs will work for multiple weeks to a month. Make sure to keep them clean and store them in a sanitary location. Also check out our guide to sleeping earplugs. Please don’t leave the wax balls sitting out where they may collect dust or other hairs. Once the wax stops sticking and providing a tight seal or if they appear dirty, it is time to replace and use a fresh wax ball.

Guarantee / Warranty

The earplugs do not have a guarantee or warranty as they are a “disposable” product.


The Ohropax wax earplugs are comfortable, reusable, a decent noise reduction rating and a solid choice for using as a sleeping earplug.


  • One-size fits all.
  • Reusable
  • 23dB Noise reduction rating
  • Ingredients: Vaseline, paraffin wax, cotton wool
  • Comfortable

Pros as sleeping earplugs

  • Strong seal
  • Fits a wide range of ear sizes/shapes
  • May last a few months
  • Blocks noise of snoring partner
  • Great for side sleepers because stays flush with the ear
  • Comfortable
  • 23 dB Noise Reduction


  • Between uses, the wax earplugs should be stored safely in a closed container, or they may collect dust, hairs, or other materials easily.
  • There are other earplugs with higher dB reduction ratings.

Have you tried the Ohropax wax earplugs? Let us know what you think as a comment below.


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