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Orange Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Orange Dreams Simply Glow

When you dream of a color like orange, it definitely is a strong symbol and important to the message of the dream. Usually we forget details like colors seen in our dreams upon waking, therefore when we do remember such details, it emphasizes their importance. The color orange can be symbolic of a variety of things.

Orange is a symbol of passion in every area of your life. Orange may also be symbolic of aggressiveness, which may be in a positive thing or a negative one.  Another thing that this vivid color represents is the sun and its subsequent meanings of life and consciousness. Orange may also represent a new dawn of healing for someone who is depressed.

The color orange is sometimes a symbol of courtesy, friendliness, liveliness, having an outgoing personality and being sociable. You may dream of another person being surrounded by or clothed in orange and this would mean that you identify these positive attributes with that person. If you dream of the color orange surrounding you, it may mean that these attributes are something you possess or you would like to possess. Maybe it is your subconscious reminding you to work harder on them.

Dreams of orange may also be an indicator that it may be worthwhile to explore new interests and learn about new things. Doing so may be a big help in your life. Broadening your horizons is always a good thing to do.


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