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Oyster Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Oysters represent silence, secretiveness, and concealment of a secret beauty. In a dream, oysters may also symbolize the body in which you develop a “pearl,” – your psyche. It indicates that your personality is being formed by irritations in your life or that perhaps your “better self” feels trapped in some way.

The dream oyster also has sexual connotations and often represents the female. If a man dreams that he is eating oysters, it indicates that he will be able to perform well in sexual situations.

Oysters in dreams are associated with concepts such as withdrawal, meditation, “going within,” and transformation as well. Oysters are also symbols of beauty, humility, wealth, wisdom, and an easy-does-it attitude. If you see many oysters in your dream, it means that you will have an easy life and many children. If you are selling oysters, it means you will succeed in gaining riches or the love of a desired romantic partner.

The dream oyster is always linked to the pearl, with the most negative meaning attached to oysters being that they represent individuals in your life who are secretive and who have shut themselves off from other people.

Dreaming of oyster shells indicates frustration in your attempts to protect someone else.


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  • I dreamed that someone had given me a basket full of oysters. And while I sat on the couch talking to some friends we saw the oysters escaping from the basket. Wondering where they were going we saw that they all went to the pot with boiling water I had put on to cook some lobsters and go into the pot.

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  • I keep having dreams I’m in a specific place harvesting oysters preparing for the apocalypse.

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