Acquaintance dream

Acquaintance Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Acquaintance Dreams Foretell Good Things When you have a pleasant dream about an acquaintance of yours, it means that you will hear from the person soon. It may also foretell of good things happening in your business life as well as at home. It is regarded as a very good omen. However, the context of … Read more

Eight Dream

Eight Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Trust Dreams of the Number Eight If you dream of the number eight, there are a variety of things that can be inferred from it. First it may mean something personally to you. The number may be a lucky number, a birthday month or day, an age, money, a floor in a building or a … Read more

Abhorrence Dream

Abhorrence Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Abhorrence in Dreams is Hateful It is unpleasant to wake up from a dream where we have experienced negative emotions of any kind. Dreams of abhorrence are no exception. Often such dreams are indicators of impending unforeseen danger or unexpected difficult times to come in the future. The strength of the emotion in the dream … Read more

Baby Dream

Baby Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Baby Dreams are Sweet When you dream about a baby, there are many different meanings, which can be drawn from it. Some meanings come from the context of the baby in the dream while others come from you. In general, baby dreams represent new beginnings, warmth, and innocence. They may signify some untouched part of … Read more

Beige Dream

Beige Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams in Beige When there is a predominance of the color beige in your dreams, it represents neutrality, being back to basics and the naked, unaltered form of your dream subject. The essentials of life are also commonly represented by beige. Often, the subjects of the beige dream are not things that you are passionate … Read more

Alien Dream

Aliens Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Aliens Say a Lot About the Unknown Alien dreams can include encounters with space men, alien abductions, testing being done on you by visitors from another planet or even aliens looking down at you as part of an inferior species. Such dreams are about some new or unfamiliar aspect of your life that you are … Read more

Actor Dream

Actor/Actress Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Actor/Actress Dreams Reveal Inner Self When you dream of actors or actresses, it can reveal a great deal about who you truly are. The context in which the actor or actress appears in your dreams will indicate different things. If you dream of becoming an actor or actress, it could be an indication that you … Read more

Boar Dream

Wild Boar Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Historically, humanity has had ambiguous feelings about the boar or pig. In some cultures, it is an honored symbol of courage and fearlessness, while in others, it is associated with death, demons that devour humans, and overall danger. Polynesian cultures make masks of a “devouring demon” that feature boar’s tusks, and the ancient Greek depiction … Read more