Rhino Dream

Rhinoceros Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of a rhinoceros is a warning that you are likely to experience a great loss and that you will have to face secret difficulties in your waking life. However, the appearance of the rhinoceros in a dream also suggests that you should move ahead toward your goals, regardless of any problems you might have … Read more

Reptile Dream

Reptile Dream Interpretation and Meaning

When a reptile appears in your dream, you should note the reactions you have to it. If you feel repulsed by the reptile, it will have a negative connotation, but if you can handle it without being harmed or feeling disgust, it means you will be able to restore pleasant relationships with estranged friends. In … Read more

Reindeer Dream

Reindeer Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream of a reindeer, it means that you are faithful in performing your duties, and you are being a loyal friend to those experiencing difficult times. If you are driving reindeer in your dream, it suggests that you will have some kind of significant pain in the future, but that your friends will … Read more

Raven Dream

Raven Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Throughout history, ravens and crows have been considered bad omens. In the ancient Middle East, having ravens eat the flesh off your bones was a sign of cosmic judgment. In the Bible, Elijah the prophet received food from ravens in the wilderness. The Norse god Odin used a pair of ravens as his messengers, while … Read more

Ram Dream

Ram Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A dream of a ram is a dream about aggression, energy, and reckless impulsiveness. The ram is a symbol of strength, energy, efficiency, and endurance as well, so it is important to pay attention to how you feel about the ram in your dream. If you see the ram grazing quietly in a pasture, this … Read more

Raccoon Dream

Raccoon Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of a raccoon suggests that you are surrounded by false friends, since the raccoon is a symbol of deception and mischief. The raccoon’s “mask” has linked the animal to these associations of theft, deception, slyness, and treachery. The dream raccoon may indicate that you have personality traits such as these yourself and that they … Read more

Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Rabbits are symbols of fertility and sexual pleasure in ancient British mythology, while for Native Americans, the rabbit represents needless fear, so that a dream of a rabbit may be a sign of new responsibilities, or that there is no need to be afraid of something that is bothering you. Dreams of rabbits are associated … Read more

Quail Dream

Quail Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of live quail is symbolic of good luck, but a dream of dead quail means that you should avoid any type of game because your luck will only be bad. Live quail in dreams always mean good luck, while dead quail always indicate bad luck with gambling. If you are shooting quail in your … Read more

Puppy Dream

Puppy Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of a puppy represents playfulness, fun, and dependency. It may symbolize youth, inexperience, enthusiasm, and spontaneous affection as well. Puppies in dreams often represent children or feelings about children. They may indicate a pregnancy or feelings about your own children. Puppies also symbolize any people who are dependent on you and who rely on … Read more