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Pain Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Pain and Turmoil in Dreams

Dreaming about being in pain can have one of two meanings. Either the dreamer is really in some type of physical pain, or the dreamer feels that their life is in turmoil. The most common meaning, however, is that the dreamer really is in physical pain. The pain they are feeling during their waking life is having an influence over their dreams and is coming out in their dreaming life. This type of dream usually means nothing more than the dreamer remembering the pain or the body being very aware of the pain even during sleep. If there is no physical pain being experienced when the dreamer is awake, however, the second meaning may be the one that fits best.

The dream may mean that the dreamer is upset about something and that upset is being expressed as pain during the dream. The type of upset that brings about this kind of dream is usually a sense of turmoil that can’t be escaped while dreaming. The dream is an expression of the pain that the situation is causing the dreamer. It is a message from the subconscious that the situation is something that needs to be changed if the dreamer wants to stay in a healthy state of mind.

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