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Passenger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Passenger Dreams About Control

A passenger dream can take many forms. A dream in which you are acting as a passenger means that you feel you aren’t completely in control of your own affairs. You may feel like other people are controlling your life and that you have very little control over anything that happens to you. This can be a warning from your subconscious that you need to take more control over what you do as well as taking responsibility for your own decisions.

If the dream is about viewing someone else being a passenger the meaning is something else. The dream means that you are letting someone else mooch something from you, making you feel that the person is taking you for a ride. This can result in a feeling of being taken advantage of and being out of control. The dream is alerting you to the situation and urging you to let go of the one who is riding along as a passenger. You may also be spending too much time trying to please other people. That time is making you lose control of your own opinions. It’s time to take it back and to try to make yourself happy first.

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