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Peacock Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The peacock is a symbol of pride, a need to impress others, infinity and immortality, confidence, beauty, and vanity.

If you dream of a peacock, it suggests that you want to be admired by others, but perhaps you are overly ambitious and are setting yourself up for disappointment.

A peacock dream also represents birth and new growth. It is usually a good sign that predicts considerable success and happiness in your career. It could also refer to the fact that you are somewhat arrogant about your career success. The male peacock appearing in a dream may represent male sexuality as well.

The peacock is also a symbol of the Soul or Psyche, that is, your sense of yourself. Since the peacock can shed all of its feathers and regrow them, early Christians believed the bird to symbolize resurrection and immortality. If a woman dreams of owning peacocks, it suggests that she will be deceived by her opinion of a romantic partner’s honor.

Hearing peacocks in your dream and seeing them display their plumage foretells of some attractive person who will appear to be your side, but who is actually causing you discomfort and making you uneasy.

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