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Pig Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A dream of a pig indicates that you should think about your negative characteristics or examine the negative features evident in those around you. The pig, in general, is not associated with many positive concepts, but tends to suffer from cultural views of the animal as dirty, unfit for human consumption, gluttonous, and known for overt expression of sexual desire.

The most common negative association with a pig dream is gluttony, so you should think about whether you or someone you know is being “a pig” about something and wanting more than a fair share of money, time, energy, food, etc. The appearance of a pig in a dream could also represent frustration related to dealing with “hoggish” people in the family or in business.

If you dream of a fat pig, it means your business affairs will succeed. However, if you dream that pigs are wallowing in the mud, it indicates your business associates will harm you in some way. For a young woman, dreaming of pigs in wallows suggest that she will meet a jealous and greedy suitor who will be rich.

Because sows tend to have large litters of offspring, the pig sometimes symbolizes motherhood, earthiness, and material sustenance. The pig may represent sensuality that is negatively impacted by material vice. Pigs also mean fertility and creativity.

A dream of a pig may indicate that you do not feel comfortable with your body, or it can foretell of future prosperity.

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