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Pink Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Pink Dreams Not Necessarily Girly

Last night, you dreamed of the color pink. Pink is the color that is most often associated with tenderness and love. It is the color of Valentine’s and most little girls have it as their favorite at least once in their lives.

Because this color is often interpreted as relating to tenderness and love, it also can mean that you can expect interesting developments in your romantic relationships. Perhaps a special friend will become more than just a friend. Maybe your relationship with your new man (or girl) is about to move to the next level, or perhaps you want it to and your dreams are telling you it’s time.

We can always break down a color like pink, which is made from the combination of other colors. In this case, pink which is comes from a blend of red and white makes for interesting analyses.

First, there is the color of red. While often associated with anger, red is also the color of passion. This seems to go along with the reference to love and romance. Red indicates that you bring great passion and sensitivity to your relationships, which again goes along with the pink.

White often means that you are reliable, and have an abundance of energy and vitality. This too, can go along with the more romantic color of pink, indicating a pleasurable experience in your intimate relationships.

The color pink means love, passion and tenderness. To dream of this color means that you have these in your life. Enjoy!


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