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Quility Weighted Blanket Review

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Quility released their first weighted blanket in late 2018. Over the past few years, they have widely expanded their offerings to include blankets that work for youth and adults of varying body weights. When Quility first started selling the weighted blankets, the duvet cover came separately, and it was up to the customer to attach the blanket to the duvet cover in fourteen places. Fortunately, Quility now ships a weighted blanket duvet cover combo that feels like it is merely one blanket. As a mid-priced weighted blanket, Quility offers one of the largest ranges of the sizes, weights, and colors. In this review, we cover what Quility blanket construction, comfort, weight options, and our experience sleeping with the Quility weighted blanket for five nights.

Quility Weighted Blanket Specs

  • Weights: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25
  • Dimensions: 36×48, 41×60, 48×72, 60×80, 86×92
  • Colors: navy, aqua, grey, pink, ivory, and various patterns
  • Minky polyester duvet cover
  • 100% cotton weighted blanket filled with lead-free glass beads
  • Made in China

Why use a weighted blanket?

Over the past few years, the popularity of weighted blankets has exploded. Studies have shown that weighted blankets improve sleep and emotional stability for many users. The blankets provide Deep Pressure Stimulation, which is a firm but gentle pressure that relaxes the nervous system. The pressure promotes deeper sleep and increased relaxation by minimizing body movements that allow for a stronger REM cycle. Common disorders that may find relief when using weighted blankets include insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, and fibromyalgia. Do you need one of these disorders to get the benefits of the weighted blanket? Not necessarily, the blankets can be used as a comforter in bed or as a throw blanket to drape over your body while watching TV. The feeling of a weighted blanket on the body is commonly described as a gentle hug, and many people find an immediate sense of comfort. 

How to pick a Quility blanket

Quility offers one of the most extensive ranges of blanket offerings in terms of dimensions and sizes. The many options make it more complicated to figure out, but better for the individual once they find the blanket that is right for them. Choose from four sizes, six cover colors, and seven weights than the range in options for both kids and adults.


Starting with the size, we recommend buying a weighted blanket that is personal sized. Most personal sized blankets are the same dimensions as a twin mattress, about 48″ x72″. The 48×72″ works for most individuals unless you are very tall or prefer an extra-long blanket. Choosing blankets larger than personal size gets complicated because as the blankets get wider, the weight gets spread out. The photo of a Quility blanket below is a queen size.


The primary benefits of a weighted blanket come when it weighs roughly 10% of your body weight. A personal-sized blanket will work as a comforter or a throw blanket on the couch. Calculate the right size by taking 10% of your weight and picking the closest option. If you weigh 140 pounds, the blanket should be roughly 10% of 140, which is 14. The ideal sized blanket is 15 lb. If unsure whether to go lighter or heavier weight, go with the lighter option. Check out our buyer's guide to weighted blankets


The easiest decision when choosing a weighted blanket should be the color. Colors range from grey, navy, aqua, ivory, pink, and other patterns depending on the dimensions and the weight of the blanket. Keep in mind that the color you are picking is for the duvet cover. Each of the Quility weighted blankets come with a duvet cover pre-attached to the outside of a light-grey weighted blanket.


Quility is a mid-priced option for a weighted blanket. What we like about Quility is that they have so many sizes and weight options that there is something for almost everyone. Quility offers both personal-sized up to queen-sized to let you share with a bed partner. With that said, Quility still isn't inexpensive compared to a standard blanket. The prices range from $69 for a youth-sized blanket up to $190 for queen-sized option.

5 lbs36″x48″$69.70
7 lbs41″ x 60″$74.90
10 lbs41″ x 60″$79.70
12 lbs48″ x 72″, 60″ x 80″$89.70-$99.70
15 lbs48″ x 72″, 60″ x 80″, 86″ x 92″$94.70-$169.70
20 lbs60″ x 80″, 86″ x 92″$119.70-$179.70
25 lbs60″ x 8-“, 86″ x 92”$129.70-$189.70


The Quility comes with a soft removable (and washable) minky cover made of 100% polyester. Thankfully, To remove, simply unzip the cover along the length of the duvet. While the zipper pulls itself isn't tucked away, the zipper itself is relatively inconspicuous as the fabric folds over the zipper for the most part. Once unzipped, the weighted blanket can be unattached by untying twelve fabric bows. The ties are super important to keep the heavy blanket balanced and attached to the duvet cover. Without so many ties, the blanket would shift dramatically, causing empty spaces without weight.

Experience using the Quility blanket

Sharing a weighted blanket

We picked the queen sized blanket to test it out while sleeping as a couple. What was great about this queen sized weighted blanket is that it was sized just like a regular queen comforter. Many weighted blankets are only the dimensions of the mattress, and so when two people try and use the blanket, there is a constant push and pull, which is very disruptive while sleeping.

The Quility queen mattress was a great option for sharing a blanket. However, the only issue we had was that our body weights are slightly different. She weighs 115 lbs, and I am almost 190 lbs. With a 15 lb. weighted blanket, the weight was spread across the entire blanket, so each person is only getting to use about 7 lbs of weight, which is far less than the recommended 10% of your body weight. In a perfect world, my lighter partner would have 12 pounds on her side, and I would have closer to 20. The first option is for one sleeper to use a blanket weight that isn't ideal for their body weight (not ideal). Next, each sleeper could get their own weighted blanket (good but expensive). We probably should have just ordered the 25-pound blanket if we wanted to share one weighted blanket. 

Combination of weighted blanket and duvet cover

Fortunately, with twelve ties, the weighted blanket stayed very close to the edge of the duvet cover. So much that we didn't notice that it was a duvet over the weighted blanket. After testing so many weighted blankets, we have grown to appreciate the large number of tie-downs for weighted blankets. The ties make for a better experience while using the blanket. While we don't like having to untie them all to wash the cover, it is worth the effort for a better sleep experience.

Our experience with the mink duvet

When we aren't using a weighted blanket, we use a fluffy light feather comforter with a cotton comforter cover. Moving to a thin, minky polyester fabric was an adjustment. Not just the weight but the material as well. We found that most of the plush mink style duvet covers run much hotter than cotton. In the winter, the extra warmth is great, but not in the warmer months. Quility recommends that if the weighted blanket with duvet gets too hot to remove the cover. However, in our tests of weighted blankets, sleeping with weighted blankets without a cover can be difficult due to the slipperiness of the fabric. The smooth cotton weighted blankets tend to slide around more and not be as stable.

The other thing we don't like about using weighted blankets without a cover is that you can see the small hooks for the duvet. It isn't the end of the world, but weighted blankets without duvet covers just look a little tacky. The other option is to purchase a separate cotton duvet cover from Quility. The cotton covers are about $30-60 and come in navy blue, ivory, grey, and light great. Considering the Quility cost, spending a bit more to get the cotton cover to use in the warmer months is probably a good investment.

Using the Quility as a throw blanket

Commonly overlooked, weighted blankets provide many of the same benefits of anxiety reduction by merely using it while sitting on the couch or watching TV. While the Quility we bought was queen-sized and not the easiest as a throw, it still works. The Quility can be wrapped around your body or just pull them over your body and have it on your lap. If the weighted blanket doesn't work well for you at night, consider only using it in the evenings before bed as a throw blanket. Throw blankets are also beneficial because the weight is more focused on certain parts of your core body rather than spread all over your bed.

Caring for your Quility blanket

The duvet is machine washable. Wash in cold water with like colors on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach. To dry, hang, or flat dry. Do not tumble dry. For the inner weighted blanket, dry clean or hand wash with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Hang dry or flat dry and do not tumble dry. Make sure to follow care instructions for the duvet cover and the weighted blanket separately. Each has its considerations and do not wash the entire duvet/weighted blanket together. 


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Buyer expected to pay for return shipping
  • 25% restocking fee applied if product appears used or damaged

Should you buy a Quility weighted blanket?

There is no doubt the Quility plush minky cover is soft on the skin. Simply soft materials have a relaxing effect on the body. Add some weight to that softness, and there is an immediate sense of comfort. The Quility is the type of blanket that feels good to cuddle with.

The blanket has a distinct style with the small raised dots that give the blanket texture. From a style perspective, we aren't a fan of the raised dot style, but that is just personal preference. The primary purpose of the weighted blanket is to help you sleep by adding weight, and the Quility does that. With over twelve ties, the weighted blanket feels like one comforter with the duvet cover. With lots of weights, sizes, and colors, the Quility is a good option for those looking for a weighted blanket at a mid-priced range.


  • Minky duvet cover is exceptionally soft.
  • Lots of sizes/weights.
  • Variety of colors
  • Duvet is machine washable
  • Free shipping


  • We weren't fans of the textured dots on the duvet cover.
  • Minky duvet might get hot in summer (Consider cotton covers for $34.90)
  • Duvet cover can't be dried in the dryer

Have you tried the Quility weighted blanket? Let us know your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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