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Rabbit Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Rabbits are symbols of fertility and sexual pleasure in ancient British mythology, while for Native Americans, the rabbit represents needless fear, so that a dream of a rabbit may be a sign of new responsibilities, or that there is no need to be afraid of something that is bothering you.

Dreams of rabbits are associated with concepts such as indecision, a need to slow down and take it easy, or nervousness. Other characteristics linked to rabbits include fertility, prosperity, luck, vulnerability, and fear.

Since rabbits in the natural world are known for their quickness but not for their intelligence, in dreams they may represent luck, fertility, and magic, or they can symbolize a lack of awareness on the part of the dreamer. The dream rabbit suggests that the dreamer reacts too quickly to circumstances and should take more time to think things through and do more planning.

If you see rabbits frolicking in a dream, it means that the children in your life will be a source of joy for you. If you see white rabbits, it is an indication of faithful love in a romantic partner.

The dream rabbit may be an indication of your sexual activity as well. It could indicate that you are being a victim through too much passivity, or that you are showing too much of you vulnerability to someone who could take advantage of you.

If you dream that you are hunting rabbits, it means that somewhere and somehow you are feeling criticized or “hunted down” by someone who wants to dominate you. If you dream of seeing a rabbit in your garden, it means there will be an attack on your personal resources or psychological growth. Seeing a rabbit hole is a symbol of going within, exploring your Unconscious, or trying to escape the problems of your life by turning within.

Seeing rabbit fur in a dream indicates that you will soon become rich, while dreaming of many rabbits means that you will succeed in business.

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