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Rage Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Flying into Rage Dreams

To dream of experiencing a powerful emotion often carries over into the waking world. When your dreams cause you to experience extreme emotion, it affects not only your sleep but your waking time as well.

If you dreamt of rage last night, your heart and mind is trying to tell you something. There are many different scenarios in which you might dream of rage, all of which carry different meanings.

If you have flown into a rage in your dream, it indicates that your bad attitude or temper will most likely cause at the least unhappiness and most likely harm to your friends and loved ones. Your extreme feelings will affect those around you, and not in a positive way. This dream is a warning.

To see someone else in a rage in your dreams is a bad sign for your business life; it can indicate bad times ahead or at least some difficulties that will be very trying. It also means that you are experiencing at least some degree of unhappiness in your social life. The cause of this unhappiness may be obvious – infidelity, for example – or more subtle; a friend or family member who constantly talks down to you.

If you dream of a lover or a spouse in a rage, then it is a pretty good indicator that you have much conflict or discord in your romantic life. You may be going through a rough patch or even a painful separation or divorce. Your dream is trying to help you deal with this difficult situation.

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