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Raven Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Throughout history, ravens and crows have been considered bad omens. In the ancient Middle East, having ravens eat the flesh off your bones was a sign of cosmic judgment. In the Bible, Elijah the prophet received food from ravens in the wilderness. The Norse god Odin used a pair of ravens as his messengers, while people in the Middle Ages in Europe believed that hearing the croak of a raven meant that someone would die. Among the Native Americans of the Northwest, the raven was responsible from stealing sunlight back from an Evil One who wanted to keep the world in darkness. Ravens have also been associated with magicians.

The dream raven, in many cases, is a symbol of fear, death, and the dark unknown. It represents forces with a secret intelligence, as well as the things that you would rather not hear about, including bad luck, betrayal, and a lack of harmony.

Dreaming of a raven may mean that you are not afraid to face the unknown or to find answers in places that may frighten you. It symbolizes your ability to be strong and courageous during difficult times, and that when necessary, you can count on your inner powers of healing.

Ravens in a dream may also act as messenger, telling you to pay closer attention to something that is happening in your waking life, or that you must bring a project or relationship to a close before you can begin a new one.

The dream raven suggests that you should learn to release the “magician” within you and summon up the energies you need to help you reach your goals.

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