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Red Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Red Dreams Very Revealing

You are passionate and sensitive. You put a lot of energy into your emotional relationships, and you are dedicated to getting the most out of them. If you dreamed of the color red last night, this could be what your dream meant.

If your whole dreamed has a red hue about it, it could be a general indication of your true nature. It points to the quality and types of relationships you have and the kind of energy you put into them.

But the color red has other meanings in dreams, too. Red is often considered the color or anger and war and dreaming of it might be a warning from your subconscious to keep your cool in hot situations. Don’t yell at the toll booth attendant if the line is slow. Keep your temper under control when your three-year-old insists on getting herself dressed, even if you’re fifteen minutes late.

Dreaming of a deep, blood red usually means that good news is coming your way. Perhaps you are waiting to hear about a promotion, acceptance into a good school or even the closing on your new house. Dreaming of this color can be an indicator that good things are coming your way.

Red is also the color of passion, and if your dream is a passionate one with lots of red in it, it is important to get the entire dream analyzed; each significant object in your dream can have meaning, along with who is in the dream, and what is said or done.

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